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Features of HTML 5 Sure to Help a Web Development Company

Any web development company by now has waited for at least 5 years to get hands on with HTML 5, yes the latest and fifth version of HTML, a respectable web presentation blueprint. Many describe it to be revolutionary with the potential to give tough competition to even rich internet application development pulpits like Sun JavaFX, Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash. According to W3C it is aimed to overcome all the short comings found in the previous versions of HTML and will bridge the gap which RIA development platforms and their integration.

Weighty web development companies in the internet arena like Google, Apple and Mozilla are promoting technologies like Canvas found in HTML5 which can be used by a web development company for 2 Dimension drawing on a web page. Local storage a distinct feature found in this latest version allows users to work in the browser in situations when connection drops. This feature can also be used effectively for developing time consuming applications so as to work in the browser.

Video support is an interesting, unique and new feature which a web development company to be able to use the platform for web application development can find in HTML5 as well as Firefox. The popularity of the feature has reached such level that Google’s Chrome browser has also used it for adding some video capabilities including video tags to the browser. Even Microsoft used some of the prominent features like mutable DOM prototypes, local storage and navigation in the latest Internet Explorer 8. Apple Opera currently includes Canvas with plans to include video capabilities. Tough Opera has still not included HTML5 video and audio capabilities these can be found in Apple Safari.

Come what may HTML5 is already prepared to give a struggling defeat to giants if in case they plan to invade it. It has laid the background for providing functions similar to those provided by Silverlight or Flash. The main objective of HTML5 as pointed by many is that it wants to take web application development far away from ownership technologies like JavaFX, Silverlight and Flash. A backdrop of these paid technologies is that they are controlled by a single vendor this makes them expensive as well as can create a difficult situation if in case the proprietary platform is blocked by a web platform. HTML is open source and so there are no chances of such things happening.

So is HTML5 better than SilverLight and Flash? The answer remains diplomatic because it depends on the web developers and their knowledge of the pulpit. While whether HTML5 is better than Silverlight and Flash is diplomatic to answer it definitely is more advantageous as it is free source and runs in almost all browsers. Internet explorer does not support some of the features of HTML5 this directly affects performance of web applications. Soon we should be able to find support for it even in Internet Explorer. Packed with advanced features HTML5 still has a long way to go before it can be efficaciously used for RIA development.

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