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The internet has shrunk the world into the computer and Information Technology (IT) is among the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. With the internet penetrating into more and more house holds its relevance is increasing exponentially.

What do the customers get to look at on the internet? This question, though sounding foolish, is very important. The web page is the first thing to be seen by the visitors of the internet. This means that the webpage should not only be attractive but designed in such a way that the prospective buyer is converted to a buyer. This is the way the website can generate revenue and serve the purpose of its existence.

What is web development? Web development is all about activities undertaken before designing of the website to create an effective and efficient website and after web designing so that the traffic and revenue generation can be optimized.

The technicalities involved in web development are much more complex than that used for web designing. In these times of tight competition a website needs to be unique, user friendly, designed after taking into consideration the intricacies of consumer behavior, and finally be downloaded in the least possible time. For this, writing codes is one of the most important technical aspects of web development.

There are two types of coding; one is client side coding and the other is server side coding. Both are equally relevant for the optimum functioning of any website. Some of the languages uses prominently for coding are as follows.

a) Client Side Coding: Some of the languages used for Client Side Coding are as follows
i.JavaScript is a programming language with the help of which different types of coding is done.
ii.CSS involves the use of style sheets
iii.XHTML is a language that can be used instead of HTML4. The popularity of this language will increase with the increase in acceptance of HTML 5.
iv.AJAX involves upgrading of PHP or JavaScript and at the same time sees to it that the experience of the end user is improved.
v.Adobe Flash Player (Flash) is used very commonly and offers the client side platform for a website
vi.Microsoft Silver Light is a language that is compatible only with latest versions of win9x versions

b) Server Side Coding: There is a wide array of languages that can be utilized for server side coding in the process of web development. Following is the list of some of these languages.
i.ColdFusion, the language whose formal name is Macromedia,
ii.Java language includes WebObjects and/or J2EE,
iii.Lotus Domino,
iv.Web sphere is a language whose owner is IBM,
v.Smalltalk is a language that includes AIDA/Web and Seaside
vi.Python language has Django, a web framework.
vii.Server-Side JavaScript(SSJS) is a language that includes Mozilla Rhino and Aptana Jaxer
viii.ASP is a language prepared by Microsoft
ix.CGI and/or Perl is a programming language that can be sourced openly
x.PHP is also a programming language that can be sourced openly
xi.Dot Net ( .NET) is also a language prepared by Microsoft
xii.Ruby language constitutes of Ruby on Rails

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