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6 Phase Web Development Process Followed by a Web Development Company

When things are difficult to handle and a lot complicated then there is only one way which can help you handle it and that is following a process to accomplish a task on hand. Web application development if not handled efficaciously from the beginning can lead to havoc in the application which can ultimately cause client dissatisfaction and bring a bad name to the web development company. Hence it is very important that every web development company follows a 6 phase web development process to be successful in the industry.

1st Phase is related to Need Assessment: Web application development begins with need assessment the most important part of the process. If the needs are not defined clearly then how will the web development company create an application which perfectly matches client requirements, without need assessment it is simply impossible to develop an application as required by the clients.

Hence it is important that the web designer gathers information related to the purpose of the application to be developed, what is to be accomplished, for whom the application should be developed and what type of content should be written. This can be done by asking relevant questions to the clients.

2nd Phase is related to Planning of the Application: The second phase is all about using the information gathered from the first page to draw a plan highlighting the process of application development. A more known word for plan would be sitemap – it works as a guide for the developers as well as the users. Developers know how to go about the web application development and users can know which page to refer to find the information required.

3rd Phase is related to Design of the Application: Besides the look and feel of the website a web development company has to consider other factors in this phase of web development. It is crucial to consider the target audience when designing the website because it is after all your customers who are going to use the application. It includes things like logo design, site navigation, page design and other elements.

4th Phase is related to Development of the Application: This is the actual phase where the web application development begins, so all those who thought you can directly start development please know that three phases are involved before you can actually start coding. Designers and developers of the web development company work together to create the application as required by the stakeholders.

5th Phase is related to Testing and Delivery of the Application: How will you feel if you receive a product which does not function as you wished? Of course you would have felt it would have been better if the company had tested the product before delivering it to you. Just like you, stakeholders also want fully functional applications and hence this phase of web application development is very important for a web development company.

6th Phase is related to Maintenance of the Application: Like any other thing your application also requires maintenance. This can refer to two different things one maintaining the website as you would maintain any of your precious possessions and second maintaining the website to mean updating it from time to time.

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