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10 Tips to Make PHP Application Development Simple, Fast and Neat

Skills of PHP developers differ when it is about PHP application development may be because they have less experience or have studied less or poorly that they lack the skills to write good code. What does good code refer to? Good code in PHP development refers to coding the application using minimum code and neatly.

Companies working towards PHP application development strive really hard to maintain the quality of the code in all their projects, here are a few more ways through which they can further enhance the code:

1) Replace strlen() with isset(): Replacing strlen() makes it possible to treat strings as arrays. It makes it easy for a PHP developer to ensure if the string is at least those many characters long as is required.

2) Use str_replace() instead of preg_replace() and ereg_replace(): A small change like this can significantly fasten the application. Use regular expression function to match a pattern and string function to match a string.

3) Extensively Use Framework: The time taken and quality of code in PHP application development is vastly affected by the use of frameworks. They make the PHP development process much fast as they include pre written codes as well as libraries from which it becomes easy to find anything without much effort.

4) Memcached: Fast and easy access to disc and network is very important for an application to run perfectly. Memcached which uses local cache helps speed access to the disc and network when used in any project for PHP application development. It is most effective when application uses multiple servers.

5) Use Ternary Operators: While many feel that use of Ternary operators is less beneficial there are few who advocate its use when the code is small and prototyped. It can also be used for templates.

6) Upgrade with Comparison Operators: Comparison operators are a huge part of PHP and it is very important that PHP developers are aware of all the different types of them to avoid any confusion while using them. Even a simple error in their use while working on any PHP application development project can change the purpose of the application.

7) Correctly Use Suppression Operator: Excessive use of suppression operator affects the quality of the application and coding thus making it a very slow process. Reason for this is that PHP is a dynamic platform which automatically changes error_reporting to 0 before it reciprocates to the suppressed operator and instantly changes it back in a PHP application. Hence it is best not to use or limit the use of suppression operator in PHP application development.

8) Use an SQL Injection Cheat Sheet: This is helpful to make the application much safer. Of course there are different ways to this, SQL injection cheat sheet is a better option.

9) Drop Those Brackets: This can be recommended if the PHP developer wants to reduce the characters in the code. Whether the brackets should be used or dropped in the application solely depends on the nature of the application and code.

10) Shortcut the else: Let me make it clear that this tip would require a PHP developer to compromise on the code readability. Hence its use will vary depending on the length of the code.

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