Highlighting the Legacy of Jacob, the Jeweler

In the 21st century chartered airplanes, villas, a yacht, etc has emerged as a symbol of aristocracy but nobody can ignore the fact that precious gemstones have a special place. From the Sheikhs of middle-east to the funky jewelry of rap artists, jewelry is an inevitable part. Can you imagine wearing a red D&G dress stand without a matching jewelry? Absolutely not, that’s the magic of classy jewelry. So it is an important accessory that sort of completes the fashions. Hip-hop stars, Hollywood actors and actresses, footballers and even non celebrities are deeply into this jewelry culture. And not any ordinary jewelry, the brand culture has deeply affected this sector.

The art of designing jewelry

You ask a sportsman about a product, he will suggest Nike, Adidas or Puma and you ask someone about designer jewelry and one of the names would be Jacob, the Jeweler. Such is the power of creating a name in the market. The inspiring story of Jacob Arabov can be dated back to the 90’s, when he was only 14 years old.

At such a tender age when other children were going to school, Jacob registered for a jewelry course as his desire for gemstones was immense. At such an early age, Jacob was appreciated by his teachers for his artistic creations in the jewelry course. His determination to be the best in his field was because of his father who has been a driving force in his life. Gradually, as he mastered the art of designing jewelry, he opened his store and it was not long when people started acknowledging his artistic creations. His innovation and unique jewelry is a reason behind his huge popularity.

2014 and still going

The Armenian boy, Jacob is now a leading manufacturer of gold, diamond and other jewelry. Not only that, he is an influential trader of loose stones. Not every people can achieve such a great feat. It’s quite difficult to deal with finished products and raw materials at the same time. His status is among the elites these days – no wonder if stars like David Beckham, Jessica Simpson are top clients. The designer jewelry presented by Jacob the Jeweler has become a status symbol all over the world. His jewelry collections have been featured in several magazines and covers. Other notable achievements include several trade shows and exhibitions in different parts of Europe, America and Asia which has helped him to expand his contacts as well as his business territory.

One of the main reasons why Jacob’s design has survived for years and will continue to do so is the innovative thinking which has led to a number of exquisite designs. People now crave for his jewelry items and the demand is not going to end soon as long as Jacob Arabov creates magic with his lovely imaginations. So, what are you waiting for? Get your near and dear ones these stunning jewelries and bring smile to their pretty faces.

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