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North India Tours – The Quest for Divinity

India – the abode of the Gods, the birthplace of most of the religions of the world, and the catalyst which has inspired new faith and spirituality is a magnet for travelers from across the globe. This country has such profound beliefs and values which are presented simplistically and succinctly, and it is no wonder that this is the place people look to for enlightenment.

North India Tours enjoy immense popularity due to the variety they have been able to offer. There is adventure, relaxation, wildlife, and the calm of the hills – all of which can be rolled into one comprehensive package. However, no tour of North India can be complete without visiting the places of pilgrimage. These are larger than the region itself, and draw more crowds than all other tours put together.

The most inspiring and revered temple in North India is located in the midst of the lofty Himalayas. The Vaishno Devi temple, which is located at an altitude of over five thousand feet, requires hours of steep ascent before the Divine Mother allows you a glimpse. She is believed to answer all prayers, and fulfils the wishes of all devotees. People flock to this temple regardless of harsh weather and despite all adversity. The temple and its trust have invested heavily in making the journey and stay as comfortable as possible – including boarding and lodging facilities, and also facilitating the commute.

The Amarnath Temple is unique – in its location, history and appearance. For one, unlike any other Hindu temple, there is no deity which has been installed and consecrated. Instead, the devotees pray to the lingam or the phallic symbol or Lord Shiva. This form is completely natural, and is formed from a stalagmite which manifests itself unfailingly. There is a lot of legend and an abundance of age old stories of this deity which have been passed down the ages. However, there is some power which compels people to travel to heights exceeding fourteen thousand feet to experience this marvel.

In the state of Punjab, the most sacred temple of the Sikh Community stands tall. The Golden Temple, situated in Amritsar is beauty to behold, and has a dignified, reverential aura around it. The temple, so called because of the plating of gold on its surface, attracts a large number of Sikhs, and people practising other faiths as well. On visiting the temple you will find people bowing down subserviently, while men melodiously intone verses from the sacred text of the Sikhs, the Guru Granth Sahib. In the adjoining halls, free meals or langars are served to all devotees free of cost. These are prepared by untiring volunteers who dedicate several hours to preparing breads and pulses. Although not lavish, the meals are wholesome and filling.

Buddhism, though young compared to other religions born and flourishing in India, has a significant presence. The most important place of pilgrimage for the Buddhists is in Gaya, located in North India. This is where Lord Buddha, the God of the Buddhists, is believed to have taken enlightenment.

The powers of these places are so immense that many who came out of curiosity, but stayed behind to pray. Such experiences can only be felt in India, a land which has been tolerant to diverse faiths, and has nurtured each with equal affection. North India tours can allow you to sample this magnanimity first hand.

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