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Discovering the Ecstasy of Houseboat Tours in Kerala and Kashmir

A holiday in the midst of water has always been a fancy. This is a common way to holiday all over the world, popularized today with the numerous cruises that are available. Not one of them, however, can compare with houseboat tours in India.

There are two chances at having a houseboat tour in India. The first is a tour of the Backwaters in Kerala. The second is a ride on the lakes on Jammu in a shikara, a native houseboat of the state.

Houseboat Tours offer a lot of calm and tranquility. They make an ideal holiday for a family to bond. Be it a couple on their honeymoon or waiting to discover love or even for families looking to spend quality time with one another. No matter what the reason for your holiday, the one thing you can be sure of is that this holiday is going to be special.

Before you even begin your holiday on a houseboat tour, it is important to understand that this holiday is not going to be full of action and fast paced. You must be prepared for a slow, relaxed holiday to enjoy it completely.

Unlike cruises which make it a point to be grand, opulent and provide everything only fantasized about, houseboat tours in India are simple and understated. They try and keep the tour as close to nature and basic. The idea is to provide comfort and warmth, and this is what gives these holidays their true charm.

Traveling through the Kerala backwaters in a houseboat is a very charming way to spend your holiday. You will see plenty of palm groves and beaches. There are churches and temples to be seen. You will pass through many spice plantations and see a variety of animals and wildlife.

A tour on a shikara is quite different. This is all about serene, awe inspiring sights. You will see snow capped mountains around you, you even might see some spots which are frozen on the lake. Shikaras ply on the Dal Lake, the most prominent lake in the state of Jammu. Around it are the Himalayan Mountains. This is an almost surreal scene which you will see as you pass by sights of Jammu.

Unlike the palms of Kerala, you will only be able to coniferous trees, maybe some apples, and pretty flowers blossoming around you. A contrast to the icy weather outside is the warm interior of the houseboat. A liveable dwelling in itself, it is quite modest and does not boast of much extravagance. Even though it is quite sparse, it makes for such a welcoming, pleasant place that you are completely smitten by its charm. The interiors are all done up in the typical Kashmiri style, with rugs and woven carpets, and simple native handicrafts decorating the houseboat.

To be able to enjoy the bliss of a houseboat tour, it is best to get the advice of your travel organizer. This will help you benefit – you will have the opportunity to travel at the right time, and make the most of your holiday in the lap of nature.

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