Some Of The Best Resorts In Maldives

Those who love to travel to tourist spots while on vacation should never ever miss out a chance to stay in one those luxury accommodations in the country of Maldives. They have the best resorts in the entire world. So if one is interested in going there, then check out some of the best resorts in Maldives.

First on the list would be the Soneva Gili Resort which boasts a unique over the water set up for all of its villas. This resort has around forty five beautifully designed villas that overlook the sea. All of the villas look the same and is given some of the best designs that probably any person has ever seen.

Naladhu Resort is also one of the best in the country because of their great and friendly service as well as their amenities. Their spa is probably the one really big thing that everyone raves on about because of its beautifully designed bathtubs and spa amenities. Although it is a small resort that has around twenty villas, it can still give tourists one of the best spa experiences that they have ever had.

The Four Seasons Resort which is located somewhere at Kuda Haraa is a very famous resort because instead of villas, they have large bungalows that offer so many different kinds of fun activities for the guests. This place offers a large swimming pool, beach sports, exquisite restaurants, breathtaking spas, and even its own private library.

Now take note that there is another Four Seasons Resort that is somewhere in Landaa Giraavaru which is somewhat just like the one in Kuda Haraa with only some slight differences. For one, the one in Landaa Giraavaru is right beside an untouched wilderness that even has a lot of rare species like turtles and fish. Also, this area is protected by UNESCO as it is one of the last natural wildernesses in the entire world that still remains unspoiled by the world.

Sometimes it cannot be helped that some tourists have to stay on a tight budget. So if one would still want to have his cake and eat it at the same time, then he should visit the Mirihi Island Resort which is known for quality service and an affordable price. The accommodations are of a five star cl[censored] and the resort itself is built next to a white sand beach with a lot of coral reefs.

The most luxurious of all these resorts is none other than the Cocoa Island Resort which is known for being beside some of the best beaches in the entire country. Its amenities and services are world cl[censored] and can really satisfy the guests. Aside from that, this resort is beside the crystal clear waters of the ocean and even has some great forests and wilderness beside it.

Now if one would really want to have a good time in this land, then go to one of the best resorts in Maldives. Staying in these places will really be an experience of a lifetime. It will make a person want to come back even more often.

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