Pelion Hotel: It Fascinates Your Senses

Pelion, in central Greece, is one of the most wonderful places to spend a vacation. Wherever you see, your eyes are greeted with exotic greenery, undulating landscapes and the endless sea. Pelion being a peninsular region lies between the Pagasetic Gulf on one side and the Aegean Sea on the other side. As you move through the long winding roads amidst striking wild flowers, unending green valleys and picturesque hamlets, your tiredness and exhaustion is soon replaced with an appreciation of nature’s beauty. In such an enigmatic place, you will also come across a charming and pleasant Pelion hotel that is famed for remaining open all throughout the year.

This unique opportunity gives travelers and vacationers the scope to explore Pelion with greater enthusiasm. Pelion is known to receive scores of tourists each year. The condition has become such that at present the tourism infrastructure are now trying their very best to open a good and efficient Pelion hotel in nearly each and every corner of this place. Be it amidst the tall imposing mountains or along the fantastic coastal areas close to the beaches, a vacationer will definitely come across a good Pelion hotel where he can have a really enjoyable stay. The most important criteria while staying at a Pelion hotel is the view offered from the rooms of the hotel. If your Pelion hotel is situated amidst the looming mountains covered with a dense overgrowth of pine trees, then you would probably be expecting a nice view of the surrounding landscape and the mountains as well.

A certain Pelion hotel can also mesmerize you by providing an exceptional view of the distant sea along with the mountain views. In such a Pelion hotel, the interiors are well furnished with traditional architectural elements and a sort of rustic yet appealing look is in keeping with the woody surroundings outside. A Pelion hotel might even come with huge open balconies where you can enjoy your meals and drinks as you watch the sunrise and sunset over the mountains. A Pelion hotel can also provide adventurous excursion facilities, like trekking, horse riding and mountain biking as well amidst the forests. You can also visit the nearby churches, museums and places of historical interest by hiring a car from the Pelion hotel itself. On the other hand, if you prefer the vast expanse of the sea, then you should choose a Pelion hotel amidst the coastal villages.

Such a Pelion hotel is situated close to the beach or sometimes it is located right on the beach itself. This type of a Pelion hotel usually offers great views of the sea as most of the rooms are found to be sea facing. The room of a Pelion hotel is usually decorated with artistic showpieces and usually a traditional style is maintained along with a dash of certain modern elements, in keeping with the cosmopolitan vibe brought by the international tourists. You are offered plenty of entertainment options as you get to choose your favourite water sport activity as well. You can go for water skiing, kayaking, snorkeling and even swimming in the crystal clear blue waters. The beaches close to a Pelion hotel are lined up with loungers and umbrellas and you can also notice beach bars catering refreshing drinks to the thirsty tourists. Not only the summer season, but also the winter season brings in plenty of tourists to this region.

During winters, the focus of attention becomes the mountainous village of Agriolefkes, close to the Mount Pelion Ski Centre. Tourists usually flock to this place to enjoy skiing on the snowcapped mountains. Many times a Pelion hotel here is generally constructed to resemble modest looking log cabins. Though they might look ordinary from the outside but the interiors are very well decorated with exquisite traditional furniture, paintings and artistic wooden handcrafted showpieces. This type of a Pelion hotel also has heating systems or stone carved fireplaces to keep the inmates warm in the cold nights. You might also be lucky enough to have a spectacular view of the snowcapped mountains and forests. Such a Pelion hotel is also very thoughtful to provide entertainment facilities right inside the hotel, like billiards, card games, karaoke, etc, for the guests to enjoy. Whenever you stay at a Pelion hotel, be assured to have an amazing vacation that is truly unforgettable.

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