All About Texas

Let Me Introduce You To Texas

Texas is known for big things, in fact we hear that a lot. Texas is big. Everything is big in Texas.

The biggest thing we have in Texas is our love and pride of her.

Texas is the second largest state in area & in population, but in the heart of a Texan, it’s bigger than Russia.

Austin – The Capitol Of Texas

The state capitol is Austin, which is located in beautiful Central Texas in what we affectionately call The Hill Country.

Austin was named for Stephen F. Austin, the Father of Texas. He was instrumental in the early settlement of American families in Texas colonies. Austin was born in Virginia and raised in Missouri.

Six Flags Have Flown Over Texas

The term “Six Flags Over Texas,” is a reference to the six countries that ruled it in the course of its star spangled history.

Spain was first, when conquistadors claimed Texas for their King.
France owned Texas briefly until Mexico took it over from them.
Mexico ruled Texas until Texas won it’s independence in 1836.
Texas remained an independent republic until annexed by the United States in 1845.
During the Civil War, the flag of the confederacy flew over the state.
Since the Civil War, the American flag has flown proudly over the Lone Star State.

Six Flags…One beautiful state with a fascinating history.

Texas Our Texas

The Texas State Song Is Texas, Our Texas; music by Wm. J. Marsh; words by Marsh & Gladys Yoakum Wright.

Our state tree is the pecan.

Our state flower is the beautiful bluebonnet.

Our state bird is the mockingbird.

Our state motto is Friendship. The word “tejas.” which means friends in the indigenous Caddo language for friendship, gave rise to states motto, Friendship.

Texas’ nickname is ‘The Lone Star State’ in honor of the state’s time as an independent republic and the struggle for independence from Mexico. That Lone Star remains on the state flag and the state seal today.

The Texas Economy Is Strong

The Texas state economy is strong and continues to thrive. Indeed, there’s something for everyone in Texas. Agriculture is a large part of the Texas economy, with Texas having the most farms with the most acreage in the United States. Cattle is the state’s most valuable product & Texas leads the country in cotton production.

Energy is another fundamental piece of the Texas economy. Oil was discovered at Spindletop in Beaumont in 1929 and oil continues to be one of the biggest parts of the Texas economy. Texas also produces the most wind powered energy and natural gas in the United States, with the highest potential for developing solar energy.

There’s no state income tax in Texas. Sales & property taxes are among the lowest in the nation. Texas unemployment was 8.5% in September 2011.

Texas beaches attract large numbers of tourists from ‘Winter Texans’ escaping the colder Northern states in Winter, to college students on Spring Break, to Summer vacationers.

Winter Texans are generally retired, married & travel in recreational vehicles. They stay several months over the Winter & contribute to the South Texas economy. From March to late April, Texas beaches along South Padre Island are besieged by thousands of college students from all over the country. Spring break visitors also make a huge impact on the economy of the state.

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