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How to Find the Cheapest Tickets for Bangalore to Chennai

Chennai Bangalore route is one of the busiest air routes that attracts commuters from all over the country. Business centers, shopping malls and tourist attractions like gardens, temples and forts all around both the cities make them lucrative for airlines to operate. Almost all airlines offer attractive airfares to suit your pocket. It will take anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours time to cover the 330 kilometer distance between Bangalore and Chennai depending on the route you choose to pick. Almost all airlines such as Jet Airways, Jet Airways Konnect, Kingfisher Red, Air India, Paramount and IndiGo offer Bangalore to Chennai flight bookings. Various web portals such as not only offer easy reservation facilities but also provide a comparison of the ticket prices and flight. This way you can choose a flight of your convenience and find the best price for that.

With many big business houses jumping into the aviation sector, Indian skies have become a battleground to attract commuters. All airlines offer loads of discounts and other attractions to bait travelers. But the mother of all attractions is reduced air fare which has brought air travel within the reach of the common man. Initially, everybody took cheap air ticketing as nothing more than a marketing gimmick. But with a deluge of cheap airlines offering reasonable luxury at lesser prices, more and more domestic travelers have realized that affordable air travel is a reality. With more and more airlines jumping into the fray to provide cheapest air tickets on popular routes, the domestic traveler is a winner all the way.

If you are looking online to avail cheap Bangalore to Chennai flight tickets then make sure that the website you are booking through is trust worthy. is a travel search engine that provides you with all the necessary information and superb deals from all the airlines that operate from Bangalore to Chennai and back. Jet Airways Konnect flight number 9W-2353 and 9W-2351and Jet Airways flight number 9W-465, 9W-532 operate daily from Bangalore to Chennai and the information regarding ticket booking offers, availability of tickets and flight schedules for all these can be obtained from a travel search engine with ease. Kingfisher Red flight numbers IT-2402, IT-2408, IT-2410, and IT-2741 and Air India flight number IC-909 operate daily and you can find some very attractive cheap ticket options at the travel portal. Apart from these, cheap ticketing information and price comparison about all airlines that operate on the Bangalore Chennai route is available at

Until a few years ago, airlines offering cheap flight tickets were looked down upon. Today, they have not only managed to gain popularity votes, but also garnered a big chunk of the market. With the realization that the Indian middle class is actually their biggest customer, all major and minor airlines have started offering cheap flight tickets. This has triggered a price war where the winner is the customer. These airlines offer easy ticket reservation facility though internet so you can make a flight ticket reservation online, with ease. Today, not only do travel websites work as agents, they provide cheap air ticket bookings, airfare comparison and flight schedules from all major operators. This allows the user to find the most convenient flight at a glance.

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