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Customer relationship management (CRM) software is an essential tool for retailers in today’s ultra-competitive market.
CRM and point of sale systems enable retailers and food-service businesses to keep track of purchases, and even predict what individual customers may want tin buy next. Customers benefit from special offers suited specifically to them.

So how do businesses go about selecting the right CRM software for their needs?

It can get confusing, to be sure. Different brands of CRM software come with various features, although some are pretty much universal. So it’s important for business owners and managers to determine which set of tools are needed, and how well they interact with other applications such as Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, etc.

Would your business benefit from a “to-do list” feature in your CRM set? Is a remote synchronization feature more suitable for your business? Or maybe both?

Ease-of-use is another important consideration. Standard CRM packages include automated email campaigns, real-time alerts, and campaign tracking. These are essential to modern business, and simple enough to learn. CRMs also feature integration with Excel and Word, which are familiar gateways to everybody by now.

Design plays the biggest role in making new software easy to use. Your CRM should be quick to navigate, and the icons should be obvious and easy to find.

Check reviews online – especially those written by folks from companies you recognize and admire (particularly, for their good marketing techniques). If these folks like a CRM product, you probably will, too.

One more thing :- While checking reviews, look for those that mention customer support. No matter how simple a new, unfamiliar software product may seem, there’s always something there to baffle even the most experienced business manager. So you’ll want to know there’s a friendly voice on the Help line – and that the customer support team is actually helpful!

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