5 Reasons why Mac Users should buy upcoming Leap Motion

You’re here for either two reasons: you’re looking for a neat 3D upgrade for your Mac or like all of us, you are somewhat a little of a tech buff snooping around for the latest technological innovations. Given that fact, it would be safe to assume that you are familiar with the movies Minority Report (c’mon it stars Tom Cruise) and Iron Man. Or perhaps if you’re not much into movies than you are games, then you would be familiar with the Mass Effect series, right? Okay, so you’re already wondering what in the world I am rambling about. Well it’s the computer technology that these futuristic works of art showcase in such a surreal way. In both the movies and the games, we are shown a world where computers are controlled by motions from fingers, hands and such gestures. My dear tech lovers that technology from the future is already here!

Get ready to have your mind blown by the newest innovation the computer world has to offer-The Leap! It’s a small peripheral (about the size of an iPod) that connects to your Mac via USB and then integrates a 3D interface between you and your computer. It allows you to interact with your machine through the use of your fingers, hand gestures and other tools such as pens. To simply put how The Leap works, it basically transforms your Mac into something similar of a touch interfaced machine- without the touch! The possibilities that this device offers is infinite! Here are 5 reasons why you definitely must try it out.

1. You can use it everyday

The Leap Motion technology is by far the most advanced touch-free motion sensing and control system that exists. Yes, the motion sensing already exists in the Kinect and PlayStation Move. However The Leap is about a hundred to two hundred times more accurate than anything else in the market. It can track the movements of your fingers up to 1/100th of a millimeter. Now that is pretty accurate, don’t you think? The best part is that you can use it for everyday computing activities such as browsing the web and going through your files. It does it quite easily too!

2. 3D capabilities

For those of us who are into creating and editing 3D motions, objects the leap motion technology is a godsend! Through The Leap, artists can easily create 3D images and renditions by emulating a stylus for drawing, grab and scroll through the interface with simple gestures such as pinch to zoom, basically just be able to manipulate and interact with 3D manipulating software.

3. Styling

The design of The Leap complements the styling of Apple products! How cool would it be to bring out your Mac and Leap device in the presence of your friends and colleagues! They’ll toil in envy at the mere sight of your two innovative gadgets! Point is it looks extremely well paired up with a Mac!

4. Future Stability and Reliability for Macs

You’ll never guess who sits on the presidential chair of Leap Motion… Andy Miller! Formerly Apple’s Ad Chief, Andy Miller has joined Leap Motion’s company as President and Chief Operating Officer. I think this information alone is enough to instill confidence into our doubtful minds regarding usability and future of The Leap for us Mac users. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to say that the other lead developers are Apple sympathizers as well. Still need reassurance now?

5. Price

Okay this is where it all comes down to: the price! All of you are probably expecting this little device of immense stellar capabilities to be priced the same as a space battle cruiser. For the second time get your minds ready for an internal explosion because the price of The Leap is (drumroll)… $69.99! You have to admit that’s a lot cheaper than an intergalactic space ship with laser cannons!

There you have it, a spectacular device that offers us the future at a very low cost! Any reason as to why one would refrain from purchasing The Leap is beyond me. Currently the device is in pre-order status and is set to come out come 2013. It does say on their website that stocks are limited for pre-ordering so you better hurry up!

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