What are your 5 Fashion Must Haves for Fall?

The leaves won’t be changing for much longer and soon it will be time to pull out that list of things I need for my fall wardrobe! So, this list is a perfect chance to look back on all the tips I’ve learned in designing a nice fall outfit (and what to wear with it). So, here goes:

What are your 5 Fashion Must Haves for Fall?

Fall seems to be my favorite time of year . . . cool, crisp air, warm socks, cozy sweaters and scarves to pull over my head – but what else is there that I have to say about it? (and please don’t tell me you love the sunlight in the summer better!) One thing all fashionistas can agree on is that fall marks the beginning of all kinds of blouses, cardigans and jackets – so it’s a great time to get a great new blouse, cardigan or jacket. It will look perfect with your new boots and they can be worn all year through. In the winter you can wear them with some warm pants and a jean jacket, in the spring they make great skirts, and in the summer they look great on the beach with flip flops!

Ok, so if you were a fly on the wall right now at my house, you would probably nominate me for the next episode of “What Not to Wear”, but I swear I dress nice when I have to go out. Fall is just around the corner (I know for some of us it is here already).

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And when you’re finished spending all that money on a new blouse or cardigan to take advantage of these fun temperatures in Fall (and ready to buy your boots), don’t forget your wardrobe staple: hat. Every year I seem to be buying just one more hat to add to my collection . . .so here are my five must haves for Fall. Remember you can never have too many!

  1. the perfect pair of shoes

What is it about fall that makes you want to buy new shoes? Fall is a great time for boots, sandals and flat shoes. During the summer everyone loves their flip-flops , but once we go back to school and work, boots are more comfortable and practical. But what is the deal with boot fashion? To make a rule there is no rule – I’ve seen flats with heels, flats with laces, pointed toes, rounded toes and they run from 3 inches to 12 inches high! What’s out this year? Anything unless its fashionable! The country style type of boot is still in style because it’s still comfortable but it’s softer looking than before.

  1. a great blazer

While you’re at the store, keep an eye out for a blazer. You can really dress up a simple outfit with a blazer! I have had so many compliments from wearing my black cashmere blazer that I swear the wool makes me look taller (taller is always better)! Blazers are especially great for work, but there are still some that are perfectly acceptable for casual wear. This season I like the black and white plaid with peek-a-boo lace details on the sleeves. It’s perfect with jeans, white shorts or a skirt and I’ve even worn it with a nice purple dress to add a little color to my fall wardrobe!

  1. an interesting hat

I love a great hat! It’s the perfect accessory and you can’t go wrong! I love this season’s plaid with bow and button details. Hats are so versatile . . . wear it with your new blazer, jeans and t-shirt, or your cashmere sweater and leggings. This fall, a hat can make any outfit just fabulous.

  1. some comfy boots

Never go without your favorite pair of boots! This season I am loving the flat, peep-toed look with a heel. I love these booties and they will work for any outfit. These are the perfect fall travel bag! And remember to save room in your suitcase for that new jacket you’ll be bringing home!

  1. a stylish backpack

I love it when you can accessorize pieces (like purses) with some cute little layering, jewelry and belts. But it can be too much work! Now most backpacks don’t need anything extra to make them cute, like a little charm or lace. Backpacks are perfect for school, the beach or just everyday use. So match your backpack with your new clothes and enjoy fall!

For me, I tend to stick to browns, black, olive, navy with the occasional red and light colors (underneath when I layer). I don’t look great in bright colors so I stay away from yellows, purples and orange.

Here’s my fav’s in no particular order (ok, jeans really is #1):

Comfortable Jeans: I prefer Lucky Brand because they fit great and last a long time – they are definitely worth a splurge and if you use a coupon or go during a sale, you will find their prices to be very reasonable.

Boots: Not winter boots. I LOVE a nice pair of black and brown boots that come up to the knee with a nice heel (not spiky, I am a mom of 4 active kids).

Cardigan: I layer my clothes because 1 minute I am hot the next I am cold (sounds like a familiar song). I like a cardigan in a neutral color that I can grab running out the door.

Accessories: I love buying “extras” to go with my fall clothes, bracelets, necklaces, scarves and things to put in my hair (sorry I don’t change my earrings, but those are great too!). Oh, and don’t forget sunglasses – it seems to be even brighter in some of the cold months!

Blazer: It doesn’t get very cold where I live, so I think if I layer a thin long sleeve shirt with a dark blazer that would be enough to keep me warm.

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