The Ultimate Guide to Coupons 

No, no, no. You can’t just grab a bunch of coupons and walk into the grocery store and grab whatever you like. First of all, that rarely works for me and second of all, we’re going to be taking about how to find coupon codes for free things right now on this website. That means we need to go over some basics first: What is a coupon? What is a deal? I’ll explain both: what is a coupon and how to find one!

What is a coupon? A coupon is basically anything that helps you save money when you go shopping. Let’s say you’re in the grocery store and you find a box of cereal that says “buy one, get one free”. That’s a coupon! It saves you money because you can get two boxes of cereal for the price of one! Deal? Yes, deal. I love coupons. They make me feel good when I use them because I’m saving money on things I need or want, plus they make me feel smart. What is a deal? A deal is usually when you do something that helps get us something great without giving up our independence or freedom. For example: I really want to go see the new Batman movie that just came out today but it’s $10 dollars at the theater. I have a coupon for a free bag of popcorn up at the counter so I got my popcorn and got into the movie for free!

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Where to Find Coupon Codes For Free Things

What can I do with my new coupons?

I found out about this site on how to get free stuff and so far its been pretty amazing!

First of all, later we’ll go into some clever things you can do for how to find coupon codes for free things and some other sort of hacks that you can use. For now though we’ll just talk about what you can do with your coupons: Anything! Just like anything else, coupon usage is completely up to you. I usually use my coupons for stuff I either need or like but there’s nothing stopping me from using them for weird things like soda or gum. I know a guy who found a coupon for a free couch and he’s been using it on every couch he buys. It’s kind of funny but kind of amazing at the same time. I love it. Just use your coupons however you see fit!

How do I use coupons? 

This part is easy. You just clip them! I know some people have old fashioned ways of clipping coupons but if you’re looking for free stuff, there’s no reason for it. I don’t remember my mom ever clipping anything when she shopped so maybe this isn’t a new thing, but either way I haven’t seen it in use in a while. Just make sure everything is cut off and you can throw away the receipt once everything is cut out. Now, here are some tips for using coupons: 

– Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. I know that coupon values will differ but the same rule applies here. Getting a five dollar off on a can of beans when they usually cost three dollars is not exactly saving money. If it is cheaper, don’t buy it if you have coupons for something else. 

– Don’t be greedy! If there’s nothing at all coming back to you after using your coupons then just don’t use them! Sometimes it’s just not worth the trouble. I buy certain things because of how good they are or because I love them so maybe just do that instead of paying full price for that item. Using coupons is about using free stuff and saving money, not getting everything you want! 

– Learn how to check for expiration dates. That’s kind of obvious, right? Don’t buy products with expired coupons because they’re useless. 

– Always compare like with like. A coupon for a loaf of bread with a coupon for two loaves of bread is not going to make you any money unless you really do need both loaves of bread. Don’t try and use coupons on things that aren’t exactly like the thing you want to buy something else for. For example: If you like coffee and you find a deal on coffee then don’t use that coupon on something else that costs more just because it’s cheaper. It’s not worth it. 

– Be smart about coupons. Don’t use them for the things you don’t need so they just go to waste. 

– Some coupons can be used multiple times so take advantage of that. I rarely find something I want every time so I usually take advantage of using coupons on things I’m already buying. Sometimes it’s just easier to do that than futzing with coupon values to see if something will work out or not. 

That’s pretty much it for this time. I’ve got a lot of other ideas and things I want to tell you so I’ll try and get those out as soon as possible. Please leave any suggestions or questions, and thanks again for reading! 

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