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Getting back With An Ex – Is It Worth The Time?

Couples break-up for a handful of reasons which include cheating, personal issues, irreconcilable differences, or they just feel totally incompatible. Despite the fact that have split up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, it is impossible to argue the undeniable fact that periodically you begin reminiscing over the past – how you had previously been inseparable and so much in love with each other.

Right now, you could potentially feel totally vulnerable and ready to fix your relationship, particularly if your old flame has been calling or texting you lately. Those charming text messages mixed with fond memories with your ex make you want to take back your word and give your love another shot. However, before you jump in and end up forgetting all about the past, you must ask yourself before anything else if it’s truly worth it to get back with your ex.

Thinking It Through

It’s essential to recognise that words are cheap, you need peace of mind that your ex won’t break your heart the second time. Remember that there are many more challenges in getting back with an ex, as compared to building a new relationship. Now, you feel more insecure, hesitant, doubtful, and apprehensive to listen to broken promises. After all, you have better things to do than allow your heart to be destroyed again.

However, you might not be able to resist the longing to be with your ex again and experience those fantastic times spent with him or her. What can you do now? Here are a few important points to keep in mind before you act on impulse and be sorry for the choice you will be making:

  1. Try to recall why you split.

When you start missing him or her, it’s possible that you’ve actually forgotten about why you broke up initially. How you feel start to control your logical thinking, and that isn’t healthy by any means. What you ought to do is to try to weigh what exactly it is about your ex that you can or can’t put up with. Contemplate the actual reason why you split, and decide whether it’s something that you can forgive and forget or cope with. Let’s be honest, you simply cannot have any guarantee that what happened back then won’t happen again. What’s more, you don’t want to be in an on-again, off-again arrangement where your heart is always at risk of being broken.

  1. Determine why you want to be back together with your ex.

Once you have come to terms with the actual reasons why you broke up, then you need to determine why you want to restart the relationship. Is he being too persistent and desperate lately? Are you insecure that your friends are all in a relationship and you are obviously not? Do your loved ones keep on pushing you to just ignore your past and get back together with your ex? Whatever the reasons are, you should know that the final decision of getting back (or not) is yours alone. In the end, your friends and family members aren’t the ones who will live and contend with your ex, so whatever decision you make, it must be something that will be for your own good. What’s more, it could be possible that what you really would like is just a relationship and not simply him, especially if everything in your life at this point is going completely great.

  1. Concentrate on the whole picture.

There are times that people break up over ordinary things, which might seem quite substantial to them. Did you break up because he gave you a meaningless gift on your anniversary? Or perhaps you’re already mad because his profile photo in Facebook isn’t a picture of you two? While these may be “shallow” reasons for some, these could possibly be extremely serious to you. It’s also likely that small things added up over time, and you simply chose to call the entire thing off. If your relationship issues were prolonged and recurring, then you can’t deny the truth that you’re up for a never-ending pattern of problems if you choose to reconcile.

Alright, So What To Do Now?

Getting back with an ex is definitely a significant move, and you really should examine everything about your past relationship before deciding anything. Evaluate your own situation and be clear about your reasons behind getting back together, so you won’t make a mistake the second time.

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