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Off Page Optimization by AcumenCS

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is as much about Off Page as it is about On Page, and contrary to notions that it can be done at a canter by the site owners themselves, it does need an extremely professional backup for the optimum output. Many portal owners who start out on their own with SEO inevitably wizen up to the necessity of seeking services from a professional agency.

Acumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (AcumenCS), a web development company in India, which has been rendering SEO services to its clients in the US, the European Union and the rest of the world for the last eight years lays down the following tenets for Off Page Optimization:

Search Engines should value the linking site
It doesn’t stop with websites linking to your site, but it’s critical to your site’s ranking that the linking sites are held in high esteem in their respective domains by the search engines.

Relevant linking
If a site linking to your site doesn’t quite go with your site or rather looks out of place, then such a link would be futile. The linking should at least be relevant to your site’s content.

Google page ranking of linking sites matters
The higher the Google page rank of a linking site, the more it contributes to your site’s Page Ranking or PR.

Quantity is important too
The number of relevant links is essential for your site’s growth as well.

Keyword rich anchor texts
The anchor texts of linking websites or pages which indicate how relevant the links are to your site should have your main keywords.

Different texts in the linking anchor texts
The texts in the anchor texts linking to your site must have variation instead of being the same for all, or else the search engines take that to be unnatural linking.

Keyword in the titles of linking web pages
The titles of web pages linking to your site should have at least one of your keywords so as to look relevant to your site.

Reciprocal linking with higher page ranked sites
Only if a site has the same or higher page rank than your site or page, should you have reciprocal link exchange with it.

Prefer one way link
In reciprocal linking you lose some of your page rank to the site you are linking with, but in case of one-way inbound link you lose none of your site’s page rank.

The linking site should have more inbound links
While inbound links increases page rank of a site, outbound links decreases the same. So the linking site will pass on more of its page rank to your site when the number of inbound links to it increases and the number of outbound links from it decreases.

AcumenCS employs wonderful On Page Optimization and other SEO techniques as well. The client-first attitude of its employees has contributed to its growth. It has also initiated SCAMPI Class C appraisal to attain CMMi level3 status within 10 months.

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