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Google, the largest and the most profitable internet company advances itself almost every single day of its business. Things just get better, improved and personalized for the users with every search they make. Google and many more search engines are working towards this to make it better for the users and also slap the span and unwanted sites from the internet, making search engine marketing a little difficult than it used to be previously.

Search engine marketing previously was easy for everyone. All that was required were the stuffing of keywords in the website, and increasing the keyword density could increase the traffic. Various specialists around the world, including SEO company India used more over the same technique to increase the traffic and improve page ranking for the websites.

Now just placing keywords doesn’t help, Google now has introduced iGoogle for all its users, posing SEO consultants around the world a new challenge. IGoogle allows users to get personalized results for their search. The search is filtered according to the users age, sex, country and location what he has filled in his iGoogle profile. This gets the user with the filtered search what he has asked for, so the preference of the website and page ranking is now not just decided according to the keywords placed, there are a lot more algorithms running in the background.

This helps Google analysts get even better inputs from the users and decide what is the current trend and demand of the users in each and every location of the world and counter those SEO consultants who may be using a few wrong and undesired practices. Google algorithm is running continuously behind the search engines to help them with inputs and help you with answers to your queries.

Search engines are indeed one of the greatest thoughts and invention being every launched for the computer. It simplifies life for everyone; be it a kid for his studies or games, or a teenager for his socializing, or a employer for his work to an old person for his past time, it has been helpful for everyone and this invention of personalized search is just making it better and better.

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