3 Corporate Photography Tips To Maximise Your Client Base

Corporate photography is known as either one of two things, event photography and secondly portrait photography. Event photography includes taking photos of employees at company events, seminars,recruitment drives, company PR events and photography for the company website. With portrait photography this could include but not limited to formal pictures of employees for company magazines and websites. Perhaps not the most creative form of doing photography for a living but it does offer stable regular work which is an important consideration, especially in these social economic times. Let us look at three ways to truly maximize your photography within your work so you get it right and can expand your client base.

1. External equipment
External camera equipment is really two key things, an external flash and a tripod. For corporate photography your flash needs to be up to the job and a built-in flash will not be up to the job in terms of the overall picture effect. Yo need to make sure your external flash is fully adjustable so you can engineer it so the light bounces off the ceilings and walls creating a natural light. For some events and portrait photography you may not be allowed to use a flash due to restrictions at the venue. If this is the case then ensure that you take your photos somewhere where there is lots of natural light. The second piece of equipment, the tripod needs to be sturdy and weighty enough so that it doesn’t fall over while taking your shot, that could end up embarrassing if that happened.

2. Camera settings
You must set your camera up correctly for optimal performance. This may seem obvious but it is so easy to configure your camera incorrectly. For low light-photography and flash photography ensure that you set the image quality to RAW mode. Keep the white balance on auto as you can amend this on the post production stage with software such as Adobe Photoshop. Turn off the camera’s beep as this can end up annoying not only for you but for the people in the picture as well. If not using a flash ensure that you use Aperture mode and when using the flash use it on manual mode so you can adjust shutter speeds as well.
3. Plan group shots beforehand
If you are taking a picture of large groups which in corporate photography this is more than likely. Then make sure that you know the layout of the room where you will be shooting. It is good to even get the dimensions and see how much ambient light is in the room, as this will tell you whether you need a flash or not. Find out how many people are likely to be in the photograph when you take it, this will give you an idea of how to arrange the people within the room. You will also need to switch your camera lens to a wide angle lens so you include everyone in the frame so you get the most depth from the shot.

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