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Underground Hypnosis Review – Does Underground Hypnosis Work

Taylor Starr’s Underground Hypnosis – Is Underground Hypnosis a Scam?

My aim was to create a Taylor Starr Underground Hypnosis Review and after listening to the entire program and reading through the course material, I found out that Underground Hypnosis is really nothing ‘new’. These ideas have been around for quite some time now, but the techniques have been hidden from you. There is a good reason for this, and let me tell you why. Underground Hypnosis, also known as Black Ops’ hypnosis, covert hypnosis, or instant hypnosis, is a combination of insanely effective powers. By combining different tactics that have been developed over years of research and study, you can effectively hypnotize ANY human instantly and have them at your every bidding. In fact, after obtaining this information, you won’t believe how you made it a SINGLE DAY without these amazing talents at your disposal.

What will REALLY blow you away is how SIMPLE AND EASY this is. It’s not even as complicated as ‘regular hypnosis’. Underground or ‘Black OPs’ Hypnosis is a different beast all together. I didn’t realize that there were so many different hypnosis techniques, or styles, but here are a couple of examples that I learned.

You see in regular hypnosis, the subject or person knows they are being hypnotized. You are working with a willing participant in a controlled environment, in a nice quiet setting. The person is very relaxed, and is knowingly submitting to being put into a hypnotic state.

Underground hypnosis or Black Ops’ hypnosis is a combination of NLP hypnosis, social engineering, and advanced language patterns. Black Ops’ hypnosis is controlling any social dynamic, controlling any conversation, anything going on in a human interaction, bending situations, steering it in the way that you want, and all without the other person knowing. Black Ops’ hypnosis is about controlling every aspect of your environment without other people knowing. So when you hear about covert hypnosis, the conclusion is that yes it is real, but not in the way that I originally thought. Covert hypnosis could also be called, covert controlling because you are controlling the situation.

By arming yourself with knowledge you are, in a sense, protecting yourself from unwanted influences and manipulations. Learn these techniques, and you will be the one in control. You will be the Alpha in any situation. Knowledge is power.

Self Hypnosis Experiment for better sleep

Wake up without an Alarm Clock
WildHorsesHere are a couple of good tips if you are going to do self hypnosis:
When you memorize the script and say it aloud to yourself to induce your hypnosis, you should use the first person “I”.

If you are going to record your version of a given script and play it back for to yourself for your self hypnosis sessions, you will want to use “you” in the recording because you are actually treated as a surrogate hypnotherapist to yourself. For instance, try this because with very little practice you can do it every time. I’m going to tell you exactly what I say to myself, and you can use it too for an experiment.

If you want to set your internal alarm clock and wake up at a certain time, you can do the following.

Lay down and get comfortable. (I lay on my back with either my arms crossed over my chest or next to me, whatever is comfortable at the time. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Exhale and focus on the stress from the day exhaled with my breath.) I Feel my toes (wiggle them a little if you need to) Starting with my toes, I feel them relax. I feel the relaxation of my toes sinking into my feet down to my heals, then working up my ankles to my knees, my legs relax. The relaxation continues up my thighs and into my hips. I feel my lower body sink into the mattress and relax completely. I feel my stomach expand and contract with each breath, and my torso relaxes into the bed. I inhale and my chest expands. I exhale and my shoulders relax into the bed and the relaxation flows down my arms to my hands. I inhale and feel my neck relaxes with my passing breath as I exhale. I feel the stress flow out of my neck with each breath. I breathe and relax. My face relaxes, and I feel the stress flow out of my face with each breath I exhale, as it relaxes down through my ears and to the back of my head sinking into this fluffy pillow. I feel the stress leave with each exhale, and the top of my head is relaxed. (Breath in, and feel the stress leave when you exhale) I am totally relaxed. I will sleep soundly through the night and I will awaken at precisely 7:02 am. I will feel refreshed and wide awake at exactly 7:02 am and ready to start a beautiful day. (I focus on my breath; breathing in, and then out) I am totally relaxed. I will sleep soundly through the night and I will awaken at precisely 7:02 am. I will feel refreshed and wide awake at exactly 7:02 am and ready to start a beautiful day. (I focus on my breath; breathing in, and then out) I am totally relaxed. I will sleep soundly through the night and I will awaken at precisely 7:02 am. I will feel refreshed and wide awake at exactly 7:02 am and ready to start a beautiful day. (I focus on my breath; breathing in, and then out) (I drift to sleep with these passing thoughts as I focus on breathing in, and then exhaling the stress from my body.)

That’s it. I use this all the time when I want to awaken at a certain time, and not just on the hour or half hour. I wanted to experiment to the extreme and use an odd number to test if it was just a coincidence. Guess what, no matter what time I picked, that was EXACTLY the time I wake up! Try it for yourself and see what happens. It’s SO refreshing to wake up without an alarm! It’s been YEARS since I’ve used an alarm to wake up, and I LOVE IT! You will be amazed too. The thing is, I was wide awake and refreshed when I woke up too, just like I told myself I would be! That’s the best part of all.

Can someone be hypnotized and not know it? Taylor Starr reveals

Here are a few examples of what I learned from my Underground hypnosis review. You can actually help protect yourself just by being aware of these examples.

Let me give you an example of a hypnotic state that happens to people all the time and they don’t even realize it. Have you ever been driving down the road, and you find yourself zoning out watching the stripes on the road go by at a monotonous rate? Those changing lanes, that sleepy dreamy feeling you get (which actually feels pretty good by the way), you are totally relaxed, and then suddenly you get to where you’re going and you’re wide awake. This is actually called a driver’s trance. You end up in a self induced trance simply by driving. Now, driving in a trance like this you should also be careful what you are listening to on the radio and the words in the music! You are much more vulnerable in a trance like state, and can be easily influenced.

There are other situations where you may not be aware that you have been hypnotized. Someone could set a hypnotic trigger on you, or do covert hypnosis and you would not even be aware until weeks, months, even years later. Let me explain…

You are at a funeral and you are feeling really really sad and someone comes up to you and says, wow, I feel really bad for you, and they put their hand on your shoulder or touch your back in a certain way. They have set an anchor. You’re deep in a depressed state and they’ve touched you on the shoulder and said, Man, I feel really sad for you, and six months later, or a year later, somebody comes up and in the same tonality of voice says, Hey, how you doing? Or Wow, that’s just aweful what happened, and taps you, or touches you on the shoulder in the same spot – they fire off that anchor. You find yourself in that same emotional state that you were in way back at the funeral.

Conversely, let me show you how to hypnotize yourself with a positive trigger. Let’s say you are in an extremely happy state, you’re really ecstatic and somebody says, Wow, that was GREAT! Or you just kicked a field goal and you clench your fist and say, “YES!” Six months down the road if you are having a particularly bad day and you still do that same thing, you clench your fist and you say to yourself, or even out loud, “YES!” It will change your emotional state. It will give your brain that kick of endorphins that will make you feel as if you just kicked that goal again. We plant triggers all the time with self hypnosis, some of them are good triggers, and some of them are bad. It’s good to learn about these things so you can be aware of them. The key is to plant more and more good triggers, so they may overcome the bad ones.

Most people know what Hypnosis is… But have you ever heard of “Underground Hypnosis”?

I found out that this site has stirred up mountains of controversy after claiming to blow the lid off of the “Covert Hypnosis Secrets”. Many people, including me, immediately screamed “SCAM!”… until they saw these techniques first hand.

Taylor star at has unleashed a fury of techniques that have never been revealed. These “Underground Hypnosis” tactics are a unique blend of Hypnosis, NLP, Seduction, and Social Engineering that can instantly change someone’s mind.

If you take the time to study and learn hypnosis techniques taught by Taylor Starr, here are just a few examples of what you can do:

1. Be the “ALPHA” in any situation.
2. Make anyone instantly like you.
3. Make more sales and earn more money.
4. Build a better life.

What if you had the chance to instantly become a mental powerhouse. A walking force to be reckoned with?

Underground hypnosis

What is Underground Hypnosis or “Black Ops hypnosis”?


Have you ever wanted to hypnotize someone?

Most people are curious about this unnatural phenomenon. But did you know it’s possible to hypnotize someone … without them even knowing? This was long thought to be impossible, until Taylor Starr and a unique group of mental geniuses developed an amazing system called “underground Hypnosis.

Underground hypnosis allows you to instantly change someone’s mind upon meeting them. These are the type of powerful persuasive tactics that most people think impossible. People using Underground Hypnosis have admitted to getting raises in their jobs, improving their marriage, getting seated in crowded “sold out” restaurants and shows, and even getting out of speeding tickets.

Underground Hypnosis vs Hypnosis

Hypnotic pictureUnderground hypnosis or “Black Ops'” hypnosis techniques do NOT require a controlled environment like in clinical hypnosis. They can be used in every day situations, and yes after going through the Underground Hypnosis course, I believe that ANYONE can do these things and be successful at it. They are easy steps, and after trying a few of them myself, I was amazed at how easy it was to “hypnotize” someone AND hypnotize myself. It’s almost like a mind control game, and I am totally fascinated by it!

Underground hypnosis is a well-known course to teach you the technique of being able to influence someone through accessing his or her subconscious mind during a seemingly normal conversation. The big question is whether this technique really works and whether the average person can learn it to the point where they can master its persuasive power.

Black-ops hypnotist Taylor Starr created this program with the idea of being able to teach any “average joe” the techniques once previously only known by black ops hypnosis masters. The story on his website certainly has it’s fair share of hype but as the story goes, Taylor Starr once came across a secret society of hypnotherapists known as the Underground. The main reason behind so much secretiveness about this program is because the members practice a form of hypnosis that is undetectable by the subject and is so powerful that it literally forces a subject to do whatever the hypnotist says.

What Does Underground Hypnosis Teach You?

The 3 main techniques of Underground Hypnosis are the “no cleaver technique”, the “black mirror operation” and the “iron man pattern”. All 3 techniques are extremely effective and powerful and can make a subject believe you are confident, strong and an expert. It would certainly be wrong to disagree with an expert now wouldn’t it? It is through the covert implanting of this basic reasoning into the subconscious of the subject that makes this technique so effective to persuade others.

By going through the Underground Hypnosis program, you can learn how to cast a spell on the members of the opposite sex and seduce them. If you want to feel charismatic and assume an aura of confidence, go through the iron man pattern. You can use the no cleaver technique to influence other people to do things at your own bidding or to agree with you.

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