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My Experience Performing Magic Tricks

My story as an illusionist

Do you like magic? In this article, I would like to share some of my experience as a magician. I learned this arts about fifteen years ago when I was in junior high school. Since that time, I have performing in hundreds of street shows and dozens of corporate shows. I create miracle by presenting unbelievable things to my audience using various types of techniques and sleights. I really enjoy every moment where I receive my first big applause from the spectators. It was indeed one of the most unforgettable moment in my life.

Thus, I want to share some tips and tricks in performing magic in front of live audience. Hopefully some of them would be helpful for you, and it could increase your love toward the art of magic.

Some technical tips

1. Keep it simple
Try to choose the simplest trick, the easiest sleights, with the biggest effects. Don’t confuse your audience with complex and long procedure. Don’t take a risk to expose the secret of the trick by doing any risky sleights that you haven’t mastered.

2. Learn the basic
Learning the basic sleights, especially card forcing and card control is a must. Practice it over and over in front of the mirror, till you reach a stage that you don’t need to think anymore to do the sleights.

3. Be creative
With a basic sleight, you can create hundreds of magic effects. Be creative. Make a story in your magic performance. Combine a sleight with another sleights so you can create better effects. Reverse the procedure of a trick, involve your audience, and keep it interesting.

4. Find your own style
This is your show. Find a character for yourself. Maybe you prefer to show off your skill in handling, shuffling, and manipulating the card just like a professional card players. Or maybe you like better to show your psychic ability by performing mentalism tricks with cards. The choice is yours.

Non-technical tips

Consider Yourself, Your Spectator, and Environment

Street magic would be great if it is done in the right time and right place. Be sure that you care about you personal hygiene before going to the show. No one would consider to stay near you if your breath smell bad or your dirty nails attract more attention rather than your deck of cards in your hand. Also try to be confident, speak clearly, and always be comfortable with your clothes.

Consider also about the spectator. Do not force anyone to be your spectator. Try to choose the right spectator, people who look relax, enjoying the environment, and ready to be entertained. Never choose any person as a spectator if he looks very busy or shows bad mood. So, before reading your spectator’s mind, try to read his mood first.

Most important rule : Always be nice. Be polite with your spectator, introduce yourself first, remember their name so you can address them in the show, never scold the spectator if he makes any mistake in interpreting your instruction, and don’t forget to say thank you.

Choose the proper environment for your magic show. Don’t do any magic show in the middle of the crowded road, or under the hot sun rays. Find the most comfortable place for the spectator and for you to perform your magic, ideally with places to sit or table to spread your deck of cards. Be safe, and be nice!

Pick the Right Tricks and Properties

After you know who are you as a magician, now it is time to pick your magic. For beginner street magic, choose the simplest trick that is easy to perform. Don’t sweat yourself with a trick with complicated method, because somehow it could put yourself on trouble. You would feel uncomfortable, and you would concern more to your method rather than your presentation. Remember, it is not how good your tricks are, but how good you present them. For card magic, you can learn simple card forcing and card control to develop it into bizarre mind-reading. If you want to do mentalism, you can start by learning magician’s choice or equivoque and some magic with number that would lead to your ability to predict future. For close-up and coin magic, try to learn the basic such as French Drop, Shuttle Pass, or False Transfer. Check the references below to learn about those techniques in detail.

Also, you may consider a gimmick, secret items that are specially designed so you could show your magic with them. Ever heard about coin that instantly restored after you bite it with your teeth? Or invisible thread that could help you levitate small objects such as cards or bills. Use the gimmick as wise as possible, because it is your weapon to blow your spectator’s mind. Try to get also some item that could heighten your image as a magician, such as specially designed playing card (Black Bicycle Cards always cool) or a wallet that burst flame every time you try to take your coin before performing coin magic. One thing that you have to remember, your magic shows is not depend on your properties, but it does depend on you as a magician

Some tips to learn hypnosis

It would be great to incorporate street magic with some simple hypnosis

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