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My Biggest Inspiration, Modern Female Magicians from Around the World

The beautiful conjurors with their amazing tricks

Nowadays, we can find a lot of beautiful magician participating in in the world of entertainment. They act not only as an assistant, but also as the main performer of the show. Watching them performing their acts on stage indeed gives us refreshing feelings. I personally think that they can be more entertaining than the male magicians that we usually watch on TV.

In this article, I would like to show some list of the best modern female magicians. They are not only skillful, but also extremely beautiful. Some name such as Angela Funovits even has won a national beauty contest. Magic Babe Ning is also known as one of the most prominent model in her country, Singapore.

How Do Those Female Magicians Inspire Me?

Photography by me (Tania Soedibjo) As I myself is not a magician, those beautiful illusionists inspire me with their ability to create miracle. I mainly work as a photographer, and one time I had a job to take some photos for a female magician. From that moment, I realized a fact that the beauty of a woman goes along very well with miraculous illusion, whether it is a deck of card, a dove, a coin, or another magic properties.

Hence, I started to browse for more information about female magicians. I was very surprised to know that there are dozens of beautiful and talented woman in the world of magic. I spent the next three weeks to watch the videos of Juliana Chen, Angela Funovits, Magic Babe Ning, Princess Tenko, Katalin, and many more. Their magic shows energizes me with some kind of unknown power. I found a lot of new ideas related to my photography works by watching their stage performance. One of my work that was inspired by them can be seen on the right side of this text module.

Angela Funovits

A charming mentalist

Image Credit: Angela Funovits Official Facebook A doctor, mentalist, and a former winner of United States’ beauty contest. Angela Funovits started to grab audience’s attention in a talent show named “Phenomenon”. In this contest, she finished third and since then known as one of the most reputable conjuror in the world. Most of Angela’s performances is related to mentalsm acts, such as mind reading, prediction, or telephaty. However, she is also very good with playing cards, and could perform a very good card manipulation show.

Because of her education background in the medical field, Angela Funovits always tries to incorporate her shows with health awareness program. If you are looking for a cool mentalist in the world, then definitely you should consider Angela Funovits in your list.

Magic Babe Ning

The hottest magician alive!
Image Credit: Magic Babe Ning Facebook Fan Page Magic Babe Ning is definitely one of the most influential female magician in 21st century. Her shows are mostly dominated with dangerous acts, such as “Sai” (a traditional Japanese weapon) manipulation, dangerous escape where her hands are completely handcuffed or tied, or classic stage-illusion.

Apart from doing magic, Ning is also known as one of Singapore’s hottest model. She also owns a boutique that sells various outfits designed by herself. In showing the miracles, Ning is not alone. She is accompanied by her loyal partner, J.C. Sum, and both of them have conquered the international world of magic together and won various awards.

Ekaterina Dobrokhotova

A fine lady with very dexterous fingers
Image Credit: Ekaterina Official Facebook Page Apart from magician, Ekaterina is also known as “card artist”. Ekaterina performs various dance-liked moves with playing cards in both of her hands, making various beautiful displays and configuration. Based on the number of videos she uploaded on her Youtube channel, Ekaterina can be named as the most productive female magician on Youtube. So far, she uploaded dozens of great card magic, cardistry, as well as numerous cool stage magic performances.

I’d be really happy to see Ekaterina in an international TV shows, performing her magic. She has great charisma and charms, and could be plotted to be female version of David Blaine. I also really eager to watch her performing grand stage illusion, as I believe it would be very cool.

Krystyn Lambert

Young, talented, and has great future
Image Credit: Krystyn Lambert Official Facebook Page Many people labeled her as the “Female David Blaine” because of her great skill. For me, Krystyn Lambert is not only about skill. She is also a perfect example of beauty and elegance.

As a young magician, Krystyn has achieved a lot of great things. She performed along with Criss Angel in his TV show, hosted a magic program in television that was broadcasted nation-wide, and did various shows in many different countries.

It is undeniable fact that one of Krystyn greatest weapon as a magician is her beauty. She has long, blond hair, beautiful eyes and enchanting smiles. Her overall looks reminds us of one of the Disney Princesses in the movies. With her talent in magic, I believe Krystyn Lambert can be a really bright star someday in the future.

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