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Kids’ Roll Up & Piano Floor Mats

Getting in Touch With Music: Floor Mat & Roll Up Pianos

Floor mat pianos like these help develop kids’ love of music, learning and activity without having to commit valuable floor space.
Children need music in their early developmental years, and providing this crucial avenue of learning is made easy with rollout floor mats with fun piano keys.
No doubt, music is an ideal way to get kids off to the best start in school~ and life in general. Children who aren’t exposed to music in their earliest development miss a crucial opportunity to learn spatial skills.
Provide your child with the tools they’ll need ~ made easy with these floor piano mats for kids and toddlers.
To learn more about how important music is for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, read the articles on kids and music presented at the bottom of this article.

Getting Started Early

Roll Up Floor Foot Pianos for Young Kids
Starting kids off on the right foot (pun intended) in music is as easy as engaging them in musical toys. I’ve read where even simple music pieces help children identify patterns and develop memory skills that will serve them well in their educational career. Adding colorful interactive toys to their bedroom’s decor will serve to please the eye and ear. Here’s a few suggestions I strongly deem as best bets for wee ones.

Music for Older Kids

Electronic Multi-Instrument Floor Mat Foot Piano
Older kids–especially school age–love to create music with their peers. We all can remember when we’ve dreamed of starting a band in the garage or basement. Having electronics on hand in the home is a fabulous way to get kids engaged in something other than video games and computers. This super-long floor mat piano has multi-instruments so kids can ‘band’ together and enjoy a social outlet you can appreciate.

Fun on the Run

FAO Schwarz Piano Floor Mat
FAO Schwarz Foot Piano Play Mat Mat I would have loved having a roll up anything (other than that ‘fruit’ snack) my kids could have taken to friends’ houses when we visited. Compact toys are ideal where you’re able to roll them up and go. Couple that with the value of musical instruments and I’d say you’ve one perfect toy.

I studied the cute videos of very young children and included a few here and you’ll agree these toys are uniquely valuable. FAO Schwarz has a reputation for quality toys, so you might opt for this multi-instrument model.

A Look at Musical Awesomeness

The FAO Schwartz Floor Mat Piano & More Reviews
Here’s a look at some of the amazing videos I happened upon; although I included a few here, there’s quite a few on YouTube. Isn’t the FAO Schwarz video inspiring?

Bringing Up Baby in Music

Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym
Baby Foot Piano Gym While studying the perks music brings to children’s development, the same applies to babies. When kicked, the piano-like keyboard teaches infants cause and effect (kick this an hear music!) as they play.

I’m all for educational toys but they’ll be of little benefit if the child doesn’t play with it. Here’s where I’ve found musical toys to be the ideal investment: kids love them. I was a Fisher-Price fan, too, as the toys lasted well past their use and I was able to sell them to others, getting an even bigger return on my investment.

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