Secrets of Sticker Marketing RevealedMarketing & Advertising 

Secrets of Sticker Marketing Revealed

Are you using print stickers for marketing? Well before you go full
scale with sticker printing and distribution, let me give you a few of
the great secrets in sticker marketing. You won’t just need to prepare
stickers and then give them away. No. There are a lot more preparations
that you will need to do. So for your benefit, here are four great
secrets that you should find useful for your sticker marketing campaign.

• The design and market presence – A sticker design is not just a “mere”
sticker design. There is more to it than that. Your color sticker is a
part of your marketing presence. So it must not just be a simple
sticker, it must be a very memorable design that catches eyes. It must
have a good image or have an eye catching color scheme that really makes
people look as they glance over the color stickers. It must also be
unique in its layout and theme so that it will be distinguishable from
other color stickers. So do not take your sticker design for granted.
Focus on it and make it great.

• Message retention – Another important aspect in sticker marketing is
the sticker message. The message must not be like the other stickers in
your market or industry. It must be different. You might need to write
an original slogan, create new buzz words or basically just be witty and
funny to get that message across and people to remember it. This is a
very important aspect in sticker printing and you must focus this as
well if you really want to succeed in sticker marketing.

• Sticker printing quality – Now, you might have heard about not judging
books (or perhaps stickers) by their appearance or cover alone. In the
real world of sticker marketing however, the sticker quality does count
for a lot. People respect color stickers more and their design,
especially if they are printed in good condition with a smooth and
glossy paper material. It just looks more professional and appealing
when the quality is high for sticker printing. So if the budget permits,
you should always spend for good sticker printing quality.

• Sticker deployment – Finally, the sticker deployment is usually where
you can control a lot when it comes to sticker marketing. You basically
determine who gets your promotional material and to increase your sales.
The best thing to do here is to identify your crucial market
demographics and then give away your stickers to them. This can be your
loyal customers, or certain people in certain neighbourhoods and
communities. Just send them your stickers for free or maybe include them
as freebies when you sell something. Moreover, you can just give them
away to certain areas like flyers. As long as you give them to the right
people, you should be able to succeed with your sticker marketing.

So those are the simple but very effective steps for sticker marketing. You can easily do this. Good luck!

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