Presentation Marketing: Tips to Make Your Presentation Compelling and InterestingMarketing & Advertising 

Presentation Marketing: Tips to Make Your Presentation Compelling and Interesting

PowerPoint presentation has become a ubiquitous tool in any marketing
campaign. With its ability to put forward a presentation in the most
precise way to the audience, this tool has indeed become a very
effective tool. But sometimes a presentation can also keep off the
audience if the slides are not prepared properly. Rather than being
engaging, a presentation can also bore your audience. As such, you need
to give detailed information to how your presentation looks as well to
your texts. You may move beyond the bullet points to make your
PowerPoint presentations marketing successful. Following are some tips
that you can use while making a business presentation.

First, give attention to the aesthetic concerns of your presentation.
Just like people give attention to minute details in a website and are
attracted toward a visually compelling site, an attractive presentation
can also pull the attention of the audience. It should be well designed
and polished. A similar theme should be used throughout the
presentation. Bright contrasting color should be avoided in designing
the slides as they have the potential to distract the audience.
Secondly, do avoid use of ClipArt. Rather, you can rely on high quality
graphics which are available on the web. You will find photos for as
less as $1 from some sites.

Now coming to the text elements, you should follow the rule of the
thumb, i.e., less is more. Rather than stuffing slide presentations
with irrelevant text, it is always better to keep the text element short
and succinct. Avoid use of complicated words and phrases. Rather you
should give primary importance to the use of images which should convey
your points. Also, you can make effective use of 3D diagrams to hold the
attention of the audience. As compared to plain diagrams, which are
boring and static, 3D designs can bring alive your presentation.

It has become really common to use animations in presentation marketing.
However you should strike a balance while using animations. In trying
to be more creative, some presentations may confuse the audience. Let
them be simple and without any fuss.

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