Effective Cover Designs That Make Marketing Postcards SucceedMarketing & Advertising 

Effective Cover Designs That Make Marketing Postcards Succeed

It is the cover that makes print postcards succeed in marketing. Create
the best color cover for postcard printing and more than half your job
for marketing is done. However, the question really is, how do you
really create good and effective cover designs for your postcard
printing? What are the best concepts that really work for readers?

In this guide, we will answer those questions with a few of the most
common and effective cover designs for postcard printing. These ideas
have been proven time and time again to really attract readers into
reading color postcards.

• Beautiful models – There is no question about it. People are attracted
to beautiful models whether it is in real life, in color posters or in
full color postcards. We all have the tendency to glance and eventually
stare at those beautiful models. There are many factors to this, but
obviously people either idolize the perfect of those models, or they are
attracted to it when they are of the opposite sex. It is just human
nature when this happens and it is always effective when they are in
color postcards. So if you have the resources to hire a beautiful model,
try it out.

• Models that make eye contact – For a more powerful color postcard
though, your model must not merely look good, but they must also make
eye contact with readers. Yes indeed, postcard covers with models that
make eye contact are far more likely to be noticed than normally
designed postcards with models. This happens because we are all
naturally concerned when someone stares at us. So when we see this is
our color postcards, we all unconsciously glance and see who it is that
is staring at us. By using this tendency of people to your advantage,
your postcards can increase their chance of being read quite a lot.

• Flashy and engaging headlines – Text of course is also important in a
color postcard cover. The best strategy for text is to print flashy and
engaging headlines. Besides using the normal artistic effects needed for
headlines, the headline content itself must be composed in a way that
really engages readers. This means picking words precisely that are
short but very informative. Moreover, this means that the text must
convey an important issue that your target readers care about. So make
sure you test out your headlines trying several versions until people
like it once you test them out on them.

• Funny faces and reactions – Finally, as you may have heard, laughter
is the best medicine and for a lot of people it is one of the best
attractive factors as well. Printing funny faces, funny situations and
funny reactions can really make your postcard stick to people’s minds.
Use this to your advantage in marketing postcards.

So those are the best cover strategies for postcard printing. They are
simple but they always work every time, no matter what your market is.
Good Luck!

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