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What’s the Best Commercial Shopping Cart Software

Shopping cart software is largely what has made e-commerce websites so successful. Customers can browse for products online and have them shipped to their door after they have purchased them. If you are starting up an e-commerce site, you need to take some time to consider which shopping cart software will work best for your site. When going through the exercise, there are a few things that you should consider.

What Are the Main Features of a Good Shopping Cart?

When looking around for shopping carts, there are a few features that are important. Make sure that the shopping cart allows for unlimited products. As your business grows, you may add lots more products than you initially thought you might have. You do not want to have to change your software just because you have reached your limit. The software should also have an unlimited number of categories which makes it easy for customers to search your site. It’s also important that you can allocate products to more than one category so you can arrange search features by price, product type or brand. An inventory control feature is valuable as you can reflect when certain items are out of stock. If you want to feature certain products, make sure your software has this capability.
A feature that shows related products in the search results can help you make additional sales. If your product comes in different sizes, it’s essential that your software has a feature that allows for unlimited product options and different prices for each option. A customization feature will allow you to add information for specific products and is very handy. It’s most likely you will use various companies for shipping. Some software offers shipping calculators so customers can calculate the overall costs. From all of these features, perhaps the two most important things to consider are how well the system integrates with your checkout options and how the software is optimized for online search engines.

Finding the Best Commercial Shopping Cart Software

Many people think that if it is free, it is not very worthwhile. However, when it comes to commercial shopping cart software, you may be surprised to find that some of the top-ranked products are in fact free open source software. Granted, some of them require you to have their copyright notice in the footer of your website but often, for a small fee, you can have this removed. This means that as a paid software package, most shopping carts are relatively affordable. Many of these software packages have been built by online communities and have strong support forums so users can easily find answers to any questions they might have.
When looking at the different shopping cart options, you need to evaluate your business and e-commerce website. Where are you now and where would you like to be in a few years? Ensure that the shopping cart software package you choose can grow with your business. Some new features of shopping carts can actually help you grow your business by asking customers to sign up for newsletters or making suggestions on complementary products or upgrade options. These are important things to consider when selecting your shopping cart.

Who Ranks Top in Terms of Commercial Shopping Cart Software?

Magento is a software package that offers a vast amount of design flexibility and control. It integrates easily with third-party software programs and allows easy customization. Perhaps one of the bonuses of Magento is that the SEO is very good. OSCommerce is a shopping cart software package that has a strong support and customer base. It is a system that is easy to use and can help you set up your online store in no time. Cubecart V3 is a free software program; if you want license removal, you’ll need to pay a minimal fee. It has good design features and integrates well with popular shipping and payment gateways. There is also a strong support forum to help you with any queries that you might have. Zencart is an easy application to install. It has multiple features which include uploading discount coupons and having different shipping and payment options. Agoracart is a software program that has strong design features. There are multiple templates you can use or you can customize your own. The system also interfaces well with the most commonly used payment and shipping gateways.

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