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What is The Value of a Click Thru’?

Every marketing expert knows the value of testing and I am sure every marketer will agree that the most important thing that you can test; the most important thing to get right when you are selling anything, is the headline of your sales copy.

The difference in sales generated between one headline and another can be dramatic. I personally have experienced a 127% increase in sales, just by changing one word in my headline!

Every serious marketer knows the value of testing and will continually run “A-B” split tests on their sales copy headlines to find out which one generates the most sales.

Google provide an excellent free tool called Google web site Optimizer, which allows you to run any number of split tests and automatically send your traffic to the winning result.

The value of having your web site traffic visit your most responsive page is massive, but in order to know which headline is best, you need traffic, in fact, you don’t just need traffic; you need responsive traffic… and a lot of it!

In order to even consider that one headline is better than another headline, you need to get at least 400 responses from either one. Not 400 visitors to the page, but 400 people saying YES to your offer.

If your page has say a 10% response rate from Google Adwords, and you are paying 50 cent per click, you’d need to send 4000 visitors to the test in order to know which one was best, and it would cost you a whopping $2000 to find out!

4000 visitors x 50 cents per click = $2000

Of course, that cost is offset by the sales that you make, but at the end of the test, you will inevitably discover that you were wasting your money by sending traffic to a page (or pages) that did not convert as well.

How Squeeze-U-Lator can turn an average marketer into a marketing ninja — master of response!

What if you could increase the response rate of the page from 10% to around 80%?

That kind of result is not unexpected when you can offer an “instant download” from your squeeze pages, instead of a subscriber form. You will find that a lot more people are willing to “click here to instantly download” rather than subscribe to your mailing list.

If you do get an 80% response rate, you would get the same data, the same 400 “actions” required to identify a winner, but you would only need to send 500 visitors, costing a mere $250!

“That’s the difference between offering an Instant download, as you can when you use Squeeze-U-Lator, and asking people to subscribe to your list first”

You’d likely make the same number of sales (if not more), but it would cost you $1800 less to find out which of the 2 headlines that you were testing performed the best.

That’s the difference between offering an instant download and asking people to subscribe to your list first. You get much faster results on your marketing tests because more people are inclined to click to download than fill out a form with their name and email address.

When you know which headline performs the best, you can make more sales a lot faster and increase your response rate still further.

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