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Top Precious Moments Gifts for Special Occasions

Precious Moments prides itself on having a present for every special occasion. Catering to gift-givers of numerous tastes, the company boasts an unparalleled selection of products. Here are some of the best Precious Moments figurines and other gifts for weddings, anniversaries and more!

Wedding Gifts

1. “Wishing You Roads of Happiness” Figurine

This delightful figurine of a loving couple in a car is a great metaphor for what marriage is all about-a journey in companionship. As your loved one takes what is quite possibly the most important step in his or her life, celebrate the occasion and commemorate this momentous decision by wishing the happy couple all the best as they journey down the road of life.

2. “Say I Do” Figurine

Delight the newlyweds with this adorable figurine, depicting a boy’s impassioned proposal with a big bouquet of flowers. Unquestionably, one of our most lasting memories will be the circumstances of our marriage proposal. Ensure that the couple never forgets theirs with this great gift.

3. “To Have and To Hold” Photo Frame

This cute frame is the perfect place for the newlywed couple to store the Kodak moments of a long and successful marriage together. It will remind both husband and wife of the joyous memories they share, improving moods even on the bleakest of days.

Anniversary Gifts

1. Disney Christmas “Knowing you’re In Love with Me Is the Greatest Gift of All” Figurine

Too often, among the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the harsh realities of a cruel world, we forget about the value of love. This figurine depicting the union of Cinderella and her Prince Charming restores some of the youthful innocence that is so easily lost and reminds us that we can only enjoy a fairytale happy ending through true love.

2. “A Whole Year Filled with Special Moments” Figurine

This figurine really captures the bliss of courtship, mutual connection and emotional union concisely and tastefully. This is the perfect gift to commemorate one’s first anniversary and is replete with hope for future years to be equally wonderful.

Baptism Gifts

1. “As For Me and My House, We Will Always Serve the Lord” Figurine

Water baptism is an important step in one’s Christian journey, publicly declaring your wholehearted submission to the steering hand of God all the days of your life. This figurine is perfect for expressing your commitment to God, regardless of what the circumstances of life may be at any given time.

2. “God’s Love Is My Guiding Light” Figurine

A lighthouse is indeed the perfect metaphor for God’s guidance in our lives. When things look dire and our human capabilities seem miniscule in comparison to the weight of the obstacles before us, it is God’s grace that steers us on the right path to bring glory to his Kingdom. As a newly baptised Christian, it is pertinent to remind ourselves that God is greater than all our problems and that God will steer us home.

Graduation Gifts

1. “You’re Future Is So Rosy” Gift Set

Celebrating a child’s achievements is crucial to nurturing her personal growth. Show your daughter how proud you are of her scholastic accomplishments with this figurine and photo frame set.

Baby Shower Gifts

1. “My First Bath” Gift Set

This gift set typifies Precious Moments’ commitment to producing unique items as each individual component is not sold separately, resulting in a one-of-a-kind combination. The set includes a ceramic bath ducky, a bisque porcelain figurine and a resin photo frame. Baths are symbolic of rebirth and new beginnings. Indeed, having a child is the beginning of the second halves of our lives as we embark on a journey of parenthood. Send the new parents your well wishes with this gift set!

In this article I’ve listed some of the most common occasions that call for special gifts. Precious Moments combines excellence and creativity with affordability, and can help us make these memories timeless.

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