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People use the Internet for a number of reasons. The most prominent among these is to provide information to visitors or readers. Similarly, this is also a platform to share ideas, experiences, promote one’s products and services, and to earn revenues. Thus, the Internet has informative, promotional, and monetary value. Over the years, the content on the net has been continuously added for the purpose of enhancing the knowledge of readers, and simultaneously to use the written materials for Internet marketing purposes. To meet this end, a number of article submission directories have been created on the net. Textpond is one such directory.

Articles submission on many of these sites is free of cost, but some are paid sites on which the payment is done after checking the content for grammatical accuracy, plagiarism, and relevance. Writers can publish articles for free and at the same time earn revenue from the number of hits their articles receive from readers or visitors to the site. This is known as the revenue-sharing model. In order to provide unique content to the readers, it is checked for plagiarism before article publishing. The site managers keep track of the usage of the site globally by using search engine analytics. Statistical data is generated from the cookies on the computer of a visitor. Therefore, the deletion of the cookies is not recommended whenever browsers ask for it.

To publish articles on these sites, the content should meet the following requirements:

* Needs to be informative only and should not promote any product, service, individual, or entity
* Should not be harmful to the interests of third parties
* Should not be indecent or against public morality
* Should not compromise the security and safety of people

Textpond Has The Same Provisions

These sites provide a number of categories or sections for which writers can contribute. The list is exhaustive and comprehensive. Further, some sites even provide suggestions on topics or keywords on which articles are required. Further, the sites have advanced search features that require you to type a keyword, phrase, or title of the article to search for the relevant material among thousands of articles. Textpond also has these advanced search options to enable users to search for relevant material on the site.

To publish your article, the sites require you to provide personal details. The US law prohibits sharing or disclosing this data with third parties, except where the law expressly permits it. The sites enjoy full copyright provisions on the articles published therein.

Search engine optimization (SEO) services require these article submission directories to publish articles therein. The articles usually have resource boxes attached, which, when clicked on, can redirect to the site whose product is being promoted. Some sites allow articles for SEO marketing. Thus, the company policy and philosophy go a long way in deciding on these issues. Nowadays, article submission services are Internet marketing-oriented. Is textpond going to be like one of these?

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