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Sears – One of the Few Remaining Great Companies in America

Many of you probably remember reading the headlines a few years back when thousands of service men and woman returned from tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, only to find that their jobs were no longer available, their homes were being foreclosed on, and all of their Earthly possessions were tied up in some type of probate court while the banks and the government simply considered it business as usual? Here were these brave people who set aside their lives and families to protect our God given rights as Americans, and they were being treated like criminals for trying to maintain a semblance of their pre-war status in this country. There are some basic laws in place that force an employer to give these soldiers their job back once they return from active duty, but often the companies either could not afford to re-hire them or used a technicality to avoid the responsibility. Otherwise the soldiers were completely on their own trying to fight through the court systems and deal with the banks and other creditors.

This is where Sears really stood out from the crowd, and although I don’t want to take the focus off of our national heroes, this is something that has to be said. Despite the weak legislation and the economic downturn that launched us into recession a few years back, Sears paid each employee that was stationed overseas the difference between their military salary and Sears salary, allowed them to keep full benefits for their family, and even maintained all the bonus programs for the salesmen who were stationed overseas. Now, to be perfectly fair there were a number of other companies that stood by their employees while they defended our freedom as well, but very few of them went out of their way like Sears did.

Now I’m not sure how this makes you feel, but regardless of what you think about the politics behind these wars, or where our national focus should be, this makes me proud to be an American and even happier that there are still a few remaining US companies that care about our homeland. I realize that Sears is not always the least expensive place to buy things, and their selection can not always compete with some of these superstores out there, but I would much rather spend a few extra dollars supporting a business that has supported our country than to give it to some overseas corporation that could care less if our soldiers have a home and a life to return to once they finish up the job of protecting our liberties overseas. Sears only carries top quality products, the vast majority of them made right here within the United States, and their service and warranties are second to none.

The next time you’re thinking about buying new Sears Craftsman tools, appliances, clothing, or anything else Sears carries, please consider giving them your business, either online or through one of their retail stores. To set the record straight I do not work for Sears and I am not being paid to try and create some kind of publicity stunt; I am simply a proud father that thanks God everyday that my children were born here instead of one of the many horrible places that remain on Earth. We are all fortunate to be Americans, and we should be appreciative towards the American companies that stand beside us in our darkest hours. So for all of our sakes please support this great American company with your patronage.

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