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Social networks are probably the biggest draw to the internet for many people. Long lost friends are awaiting your arrival. What a great place to introduce your product or service.

Simply updating your profile is announced or broadcast to all your friends. Anyone who logs in on a regular basis will notice the updates and changes you have made. The more you update increases your chances of making a sale.

Business social networking is just that, getting your product and company name in front of people. Free advertising used to be defined as publicity. However you label it, free exposure is still free advertising. Social networking sites typically get the most number of visitors each day and are the logical choice for free advertising. One of any business owner’s online marketing strategies should include some social networking site activity. Part of the online marketing plan is always to increase product exposure and hopefully sales.

There is generally no limit on how much or how little you may post. This includes product ads posted in the body of your page. Unlimited exposure is yours to pursue. Ensure your products are attractive. Post clear and appealing images. You can be afraid and not post or have guts and stop being your own worst enemy.

Work on targeting different markets. Try attracting different people in different locations. This is especially true if you are selling an info product as you are less limited geographically due to the nature of the sale. Your online marketing plan should be to capitalize on the cost savings of no inventory, no shipping charges and no supplier.

By spending time upfront to ensure you have included the most correct and appropriate images and language in your ad, you will save time on the backend. By answering your potential customers’ questions in your postings, you may have made more sales. Plus the people will not have to send you a message. And what happens if you have twenty identical inquiries. Wasted time means lost money and increased inefficiency.

So take your time composing that ad. Target your social networking audience. Polish the images to be used. Now sit back and hopefully watch your website traffic skyrocket.

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