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How To Get Massive Amounts of Targeted Traffic With Little or No Money

How To Get Massive Amounts of Targeted Traffic With Little or No Money

So, what is the best and cheapest internet marketing method?
The answer is simple, its search engine marketing, exactly which is why it is an EXTREMELY competitive area.
I will now present to you a “mock” scenario of what happens when new marketers enter the twisted jungle of search engine marketing. Some new marketers will give it a try for six months, and after they don’t receive those sought after front-page rankings that they so desperately hunt for, they flat out give up!
Now let’s take a look at a concise “outline” of *ALL* the seo strategies out there, that you will need to do to have your website have a front page ranking and believe me it’ll be a crying shame if you don’t implement them.

• Make sure that your website is optimized for targeted keywords that will make you money. If you’re selling a product, it’s typically a good idea to target a narrow keyword as oppose to a broad one.
• Include your keywords in the h1, h2, and h3 tags of your xhtml document.
• Make sure that your keywords appear at least once in the title tags of your documents.
• Make sure that you have keywords in the Meta tags of your document. Yeah, Google doesn’t delegate much prominence to keywords in these tags, but other search engines DO.
• Make sure that your targeted keywords appear within the first 500 words of your document.
• Make sure your website is indexed in Google, or submit your website for inclusion in here.
• Make sure that your website is indexed in Yahoo, or manually submit your website for inclusion in this network if it’s not already in there.
• Make sure that your website is indexed in Bing.
• Make sure that your website is indexed in MSN.
• Make sure that your website is indexed in Ask.
• Make a Technorati account, and claim your blog.
• Submit your rss feed to feed burner.
• Make an xml sitemap for your website, and submit it to Google.
• Write a detailed alt tag description for your images.
• Make sure that there are no broken links on your website, as this will make it very difficult for your website to get indexed by the search engines if it does.
• Make sure that your website uses proper xhtml and css code that conforms to w3c standards.
• Find a reliable webhost. If you’re using a shared server, then you are putting your search engine efforts in danger! The reason for this is that share servers share the same exact ip as several other websites. This means if one website gets banned from a network from spamming, then this could affect your website as well!!
• Add your website to niche related forums that allows signatures.
• Spell checks your website. If you misplace keywords, or write their wrong format, then this could affect your search engine rankings for the negative.
• Check your website to make sure that it appears fine in all the major browsers such as Firefox, Internet explorer, and Google chrome.
• Submit your website to the DMOZ.
• Create a yahoo group for your website.
• Donate money to charities, and provide them your website so that they can link back to it.
• Sponsor a word press theme.
• If you utilize open source technologies, then donate money to them because many of them will put your website logo on their sponsor’s page, with a link back to your website.
• Implement a link building strategy! Links are how individuals get from one website to the next via the World Wide Web.
• Have unique title tags for every page of your website.
• Have unique Meta tags for every page of your website.
• Bigger is better. Try and add as many quality pages on your website as possible, because the more quality pages you have indexed in the search engine equates to freer website traffic.
• Add a blog to your website if you don’t already have one.
• If you have a static website, and add new content that you want to get indexed, then make sure to ping it after your website is updated. If you’re using an open source blogging platform like word press, then this is done for you’re automatically.
• Try and get links from authority networks such as .edu websites.
• Try and get links from .gov websites.
• Make sure that your website has search engine friendly url structure. Not having one could equal serious indexing problems!
• Make sure to add keyword related content around the area that you insert your images.
• Never have pages on your website with the same content as this will get you slammed by Google.
• Immediately delete all empty pages from your website. Having several empty pages on your website will get you pummeled for duplicate content, because the pages have the same exact content on them, which is NOTHING.
• Use rel=”nofollow” if your linking to pages that are of questionable authenticity.
• Don’t stuff keywords in your website, as the result will not be satisfying in the search engines!
• Place keywords in the anchor text of your links.
• Make sure to utilize density proportional text on your website’s content.
• Register a domain name with your targeted keywords in them.
• Make sure to not put too many outgoing links on your website.
• Make sure that your website doesn’t have too many heavy graphics, as this can slow down the rendering and indexing of your website.
• Make sure that your website is built with tableless css for optimal rendering.
• If you are trying to target a certain demographic, then it’s a good idea to get the country ccTLD for that domain name.
• Translate your website using the Google translation tools.
• Make the navigation layout of your site easy for web visitors to flow through.
• Develop web pages that primary focus is to solely rank for your targeted keywords.
• Submit your website to the most popular Asian search engines, such as Baidu.
• Build a page for your company in Wikipedia with a link back to your website in the citations section.
• Try geotargeting if you want to access a local demographic — the competition is a whole lot less competitive this way.
• Fine tune and make the changes to the pages that you want to rank for so that you will be able to gain more search engine presence. From my experience, most internet marketers are not implementing even 30% of the material that are known common seo facts. Things like this are easy to forget, so it’s important to make the proper changes.

Now wait about six months to see your website in the top rankings if it ever does.

So what should you do just give up.
No not at all use all these strategies but don’t sit around and wait for results and do nothing in the meantime, you can’t afford to.
Do what the professionals do buy Targeted website traffic. You will be getting targeted visitors to your website while you wait for your search engine submissions to kick in.
There are many targeted traffic selling companies out there but please do not fall for the ones that want to sell you cheap traffic by the hundreds of thousands, it’s just junk and you will be throwing your hard earned money away.
Good targeted traffic is not cheap but it also is not very expensive either.
The idea is to find the right one.
Read their ads very carefully
Are they pushy “saying this offer will not last long” this should be a red flag to stay away from them.

Are they offering hundreds of thousands even millions of targeted visitors for pennies?
Stay away
And please whatever you do please do not buy target visitors from someone on eBay.
Not only will you waste your money but you will most likely be charged with spamming.

So what should you look for?

Check their track record.

Check the scam forums

Now look them up on PayPal’s community, has anyone had any problem with them like frauds or disputes?

Do they have a guarantee?

Is the website cheaply made and loaded with many ads to confuse you or are they
professional and direct to the point.
Ok now you’re ready to purchase targeted traffic from the website you feel is right for your website, I suggest that you start out by buying a small amount first perhaps five thousand or so.
If this works out than by all means purchase more and of course please do not forget to continue to submit to the search engines.

To your success.

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