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How free web directories can help you to enhance your website traffic?

A web directory is a website where various websites and blogs are listed category wise. There are basically two different types of web directories – free web directories and paid web directories. Free web directories are those directories where websites are listed free of cost. In case of paid listings you have to pay one time fee or in some cases pay periodically to get listed at the web directory. For getting listed at the free web directory you have to submit your web site to the web directory and they will examine the website before listing. According to the product and service of the website, it is listed under the appropriate category. There are many advantages of getting listed at the web directory, even if it is a free directory. The biggest advantage of listing at free web directory is increase in traffic to your website. Here we are discussing how exactly a listing at the free web directory can enhance traffic to your website.

Benefits of Free web directory

Free web directory increases the number of qualified traffic to your website – A web directory is a place where people can find websites they are looking for. There are a majority of online shoppers who take a look at the web directories while searching for website selling product or service they wish to buy. If your website is listed at the popular free web directories there is increased chance that people will visit your website being directed by the web directory. Moreover, these are the visitors who are looking for products that you are selling. So it is more chance that this qualified traffic will become your customers. So free web directories will not only increase traffic to your website, with high number of qualified traffic you will get more business from them.

How Free Directory List Is Helpful?

Submission in free directory list helps you get better position at search engine ranking – Apart from generating more traffic from web directories there is another way that also increases number of visitors to your website. When your website is listed at the free web directory it links back to your website. This is a one way link from a quality webpage that benefits your website in many ways. Firstly it increases the page rank of your website that is a prerequisite for better ranking at search engine. When you have a one way link from a web directory that has a good rank it will automatically increase your page rank as well. As your page rank improves you will get better ranking at the search engine results that means you will get noticed by more and more online buyers. This will certainly enhance qualified traffic to your website. Then listing at the free web directory will also get your website listed at the search engine quite easily as these directories are regularly searched by the search engine bots from new listings.

So, it is quite obvious that listing of your website at the free web directories will help you get more visitors – directly and indirectly.

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