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How Article Marketing Can Increase Your Investment Returns Exponentially?

All business owners want to see returns on their investments. They should because their businesses will close down if nothing happens. Before internet, it can take months or even years to see any significant breakthrough depending on what they promote. After internet, it can be as soon as weeks, days or even mere hours. This is all made possible by article marketing which is easy, free and yet powerful way to increase your investment returns exponentially.

Article marketing is a much elaborated advertising tool as compared to classified and pay per click ads which costs money. So long as the person knows and has a lot to share with others by writing articles regularly as a hobby rather than a job, he or she can be just as successful even without spending any money or sweet talking, meeting or even coldcalling prospects. If you are new in marketing online and have no list to start off with, this can be very useful too.

But simply writing articles just out of passion is not enough. Unless you are really treating it as a hobby, there are a few factors you should look into if you want your articles to generate long-term traffic to your online businesses.

First of all, you need to use keywords as a focal point for your title. This is important as you need people to see your article first before getting them to do anything else. Keywords are words people type into major search engine toolbar to find what they want. Once the search engine detects those keywords via their search clicks, it automatically despatches a list of most relevant links. And since most links are also titles, you need to use keywords as your title.

Secondly your title has to be eye catching apart from keywords in such a way that it stops others from doing their own things and gets them to read your article. Titles like how to, X no of mistakes most people make with this thing, X no of tips for you to succeed in that thing or just a question highlighting the most common problem have proven to be very effective in those.

Thirdly, your content has to be original and unique. As much as it is important to compose a 300 to 500 word article, your paragraphs must be evenly spaced out in such a way that it does not bore readers. I rather have 8 paragraphs of 4 to 6 lines each than 4 paragraphs of 8 to 10 lines. In terms of originality, it is best to write something you are passionate or know a lot. If not, you may consider doing research on other articles, jot down their keypoints and use them for your own article.

Next whether you are promoting your own or other merchants’ products, you need to direct them to your landing page rather than a sales page. Though there are certain gurus claiming that the fastest way to earn big is to direct reader to sales page through your articles, this is just a short-term income and success. If you want long-term results, you need to build a list of subscribers. And to do that, you need a landing page for building your list of their names and emails.

You also need to brand yourself in a certain way. Creating landing pages, designing websites and social networking is one half of it. Writing articles is another. The first article you write, not everyone will pay attention. It is only when you wrote second, third and fourth about the same topic or product you intend to promote, then chances of them paying attention will be higher. According to internet guru Ewen Chia, you need to write at least 5 articles on the same niche everyday for 1 week in order to see results.

Apart from branding yourself in writing more articles, you can also change your style of writing. Do not just focus on making money online and your products. Go and keep up to date with the latest developments happening in the world. For instance now that everyone is talking about World Cup, you may want to find products related to soccer and share with others your views on what you read in internet, newspapers, magazines and TV.

Once you developed the art of article marketing, you can not only earn more traffic and money but also developed your skills in other areas of internet marketing. Such as blogging, copywriting, creating content in landing pages or websites and even video marketing.

These are all the ways of how article marketing can increase your returns exponentially.

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