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Communicating Through User Interface

The user interface (UI) indicates to the graphical, textual and auditory information that is presented to the users. There are different types of UI:

1. Graphical User Interface– A graphical user interface usually focuses on the graphical images and widgets along with the text to communicate with the users.
2. Touchscreens– It is a display that accepts the input only when you touch the screen with your figure tip. These have come into light due to high use of technologies and demand of mobile phones.
3. Intelligent user interfaces– In this case human and machine interact and both try to improve the efficiency, effectiveness.
But among all the types the graphical user interface is considered to be the best assistant for performing a task.

Some suggestions regarding user interface:

1. There should be consistency with the color and the tabs and make the tab easy to operate.
2. Make your information simple and improve your site structure by using effective grouping tabs and labels, and make the messages visible at the right time.
3. Take care of your graphics and language and make sure that they are appropriate for your target audience as this will communicate your brand effectively.
The concept of UI is evolving and it is providing more information and perfect designs to the users. You can also customize the information according to their needs that is being displayed. Usability and manageability is the two important key of user interface.

A successful UI requires being:

1. Clarity plays an important role in user interface design. As this enable people to communicate with the system. Viewers should not be confused about the application that is being provided.
2. Keep your UI compact and concise. In this way you save your time as well as the viewers.
3. The interface should work fast. The slow interfaces make the customer frustrated.
4. A good interface should work more efficiently in a lesser time. This means that the productivity should be more.
5. Consistent interfaces guide users to build usage patterns. They will recognize the different buttons, tabs, icons and other elements and will identify them as what they actually do in different contexts.

Be focused while making an interface because this will ultimately act as a guiding tool to the users. It helps the customer to communicate more effectively. Now-a-days most of the organizations are focusing on interface to provide better services and bring innovation in the technology.

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