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An Informative Piece About Why Recycling in the Office can Have a Beneficial Effect

Recycling no longer needs to stop when you’re at the office anymore there are various ways to help the environment whilst at work.

The following methods will not only have a positive effect on the environment but it can also help your business in general and enhance staff morale.

Below is advice from the team behind on how to help the environment effectively.

Many people already recycle at home, so it wouldn’t be too much of a change for your team. It is easy to initiate and won’t cost much money. Recycling of paper and other waste materials is the most popular form of recycling in the office. This can decrease the amount of rubbish being sent to landfills and the amount of trees being felled for paper. Inform your staff that it will happen, you might find that your office will look a lot more tidier!

Being a ecological business also improves your image and you might find an increase in business from clients and associates. Your staff will take pride and care in their job if they work for a business that assists with the protection of the environment, and the values of being green. Not only can recycling improve your business image it can also make your team feel more involved and valued.

Before you start a recycling strategy within the office, construct questionnaires and surveys to see where in the office most waste is made. The typical office wastes a high amount of white paper so place recycling bins by the printers, this might also inspire staff to take extra care when printing off documents to make no errors. Also equip the kitchen with a range of recycling units for various materials such as plastic, glass bottles and food waste.

Recycling can save businesses a lot of money, recycled waste collections are complimentary whereas commercial waste disposal costs money. There are a number of other ways however that businesses can help their budget through recycling. When furnishing an office, instead of buying brand new furniture buy recycled. Reusing office desks, filing cabinets and other equipment will cost a small percentage of the price will look good.

There are numerous office furniture recycling sites, including our very own site These companies will even buy your old office furniture from you to recycle at a price allowing you to allocate your money elsewhere. Encourage your staff to carpool, print documents on both sides of paper Provide reward schemes for staff that are the most efficient, encouraging more employees to follow in their footsteps.

Being a more efficient and “green” will generally improve your business, allowing the workforce to work together and for the company to save money. Raising awareness for the matter will allow staff spread the message and more companies follow in your footsteps, these small steps can make a significant difference.

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