Situation Critical: Student-Athlete Information Management

Up until recently, many athletics administrators and coaches viewed
technology as a means to get a leg up on the recruiting front or improve
the monitoring of recruiting information such as telephone calls and
text messages.  Certainly, technology has helped a great deal in
managing those areas of risk, but what about the nuts and bolts of your
program – managing student-athlete information?

Most departments are critically deficient in maintaining, storing,
transferring, entering, analyzing and sharing data in an efficient
manner.  Usually, one or two staffers are responsible for obtaining
important student-athlete information from one system and then entering
it into one or more other systems.  Or worse, information is obtained
from hard-copy forms and hand-entered into the necessary system.  Sound
familiar?  This creates a large margin of error and increases an
institution’s risk in areas such as admissions, eligibility
certification, financial aid tracking, student-athlete complimentary
admissions and even communicating quickly and effectively with
student-athletes and parents.

ACS Athletics clients have improved staff performance in a number of
areas through integration, monitoring, communication and mobilization. 
These solutions are offered at a fraction of the cost of adding just one
entry-level staff member, yet benefit dozens of coaches and
administrators across the department.  Included below are some recent
examples involving ACS clients and the ACS Team Manager solution:

Brown University

“At Brown, we have over 900 student-athletes, so keeping up with all
of that information can be a huge challenge.  ACS’s ability to integrate
with our Banner system has made this task much more manageable due to
the seamless transfer of student-athlete information from Banner into
our ACS system.  This has eliminated the burden and risk of manually
entering student-athlete information into multiple systems.  With ACS, I
have a central location for all student-athlete information.”  Sarah
Fraser, Assistant Athletics Director

Texas Christian University

“We now have the ability to identify and analyze information almost
immediately, which previously took tons of time and energy.  It has made
the difference between simply collecting and storing information, and
the ability to analyze and monitor student-athlete responses via the ACS
Athletics reporting features.”  -Andrea Nordmann, Associate Athletics

University of Louisiana

“Monitoring (student-athlete) complimentary admissions lists has
always been a challenge, simply as a result of the nature of the
process.  We now have a streamlined, online system, capable of being
accessed 24 hours/day. The compliance office staff can spend more time
monitoring the relationship of student-athletes to their guests and be
more proactive in preventing potential violations after reviewing
student-athletes’ answers to questions asked by (the) ACS (system) when
requesting complimentary admissions. Reports can be generated in a
matter of seconds indicating our monitoring efforts.”  –Jessica Clarke,
Associate Athletics Director

University of Houston

“The roster management tools ACS provides have been big help to our
department.  With ACS, everyone has the same roster and this sharing of
information keeps everyone on the same page.  With the roster
auto-notification, everyone knows when a student-athlete’s status has
changed in real-time, reducing the likelihood that a student-athlete
will practice or compete while ineligible.”  -Kevin Klotz, Assistant
Athletic Director

ACS Athletics is now offering its proven, battle-tested Team Manager solution separate from the full InControl suite.