Savvy Tips For Cleaning a House

This is so true, and oddly it took me until I was thirty years old to figure it out. Honestly, there are so many things that are just that obvious and it took me that long to figure out (containerizing things and having a place for everything). Now if my husband would understand that if he just washes the oatmeal off the pan it’s easier to clean than once it’s dry!

Here our my “tips”:

 1. I wear a cobbler apron because of the deep pockets in front. Then you can smile when you pull out a tiny renegade sock, and realize that someday the babies’ socks are going to be huge (I have 2 little guys).

 Yes, I feel like a dork, but I don’t have to throw out my decent t-shirts anymore because someone wiped jelly on the front of the shirt. Ha! I win.

2. I set the timer for 5 minutes because I am a subscriber to short attention span theatre, lol. I play games with myself all day trying to beat the timer and it’s actually fun for me. Hey, I have to do something to keep myself entertained!

3. I bought laundry baskets from the dollar store and when I pull stuff out of the dryer, I pull everyones’ laundry in his/her particular basket. I put the “hangables” flat on top of the dryer and put them on hangers asap, as I don’t iron. I can then deliver each basket to each room and not try to sort with little sticky fingers helping me.

4. I keep a 2 ring index card notebook (office store, $2) that has plastic dividers and have “to do”, “projects”, “info”. This is harder to lose and I usually have a place to write down what I need to do, or info about my house’s measurements, son’s sizes, etc.

Hey, you gotta do the best you can and have a really good sense of humor. I refuse to be uptight or an “angry” mom because things really just don’t go the way I plan. Life varies. If it didn’t, I would be bored.

I learned this trick too..only I figured it out after my daugher was grown. Live and learn.

It sure is a challenge with a toddler who happily moves through the house pulling things down and dumping things out, but my habit is to straighten as I move through my house, all day long. It seems much simpler to me to put away one or two things multiple times a day than to let it all build up into an overwhelming mess. The same goes for dishes– I do them after every meal so I’m not overloaded at the end of the day. If I do let the messes build up, we have a group clean-up before bedtime so we can start the next day feeling fresh.

Have a fun weekend!!!!

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