Review of Select Comfort Beds

You can get some idea of how the consumers react to the revolutionary adjustable beds that are offered by Select Comfort by browsing the reviews for the Select Comfort beds.

The mattresses that are offered by are rather unusual. They provide you with the benefit of being able to select an adjustable firmness level. The result is that Select Comfort offers you many different beds. You can select a particular level of firmness level that you want every time that you go to sleep, or change the level of firmness each night depending on how you feel.

The king and queen sized models also have dual controls that allow the person on each side of the bed to provide their own setting independently from the person on the other side of the bed.

Because you provide your own comfort setting, the comfort setting that you select is entirely up to you. Because you can adjust the setting at anytime you want, this ensures your comfort all of the time. The ability to adjust your own comfort level is great for those who need to eliminate pains and aches.

Both your partner and you are assured of a great night’s sleep because of the dual chamber feature. This feature allows you both to find the ideal comfort setting. Disturbance from motion is nearly avoided completely. The controls that adjust the softness and firmness levels are very easy to use.

The Select Comfort warranty is good for as many as twenty years. This warranty is a testament to how much faith that Select Comfort has in their air beds.

Although the bed has to be assembled it is very easy to do so. It is also very light and easy to move.

The biggest disadvantage to the Select Comfort is the cost. They are rather expensive. However, Select Comfort does offer a twelve month installment plan without interest. The result is that you have to pay for your bed every month for an entire year. You should ensure that you have the extra money in your monthly budget prior to joining the installment plan.

Many people consider customer service as poor, particular when they respond to a customer complaint and inform a consumer about common problems to look out for. There were some people who hadn’t used to air mattresses that found the bed very uncomfortable. In addition, you might not be getting sufficient spinal support if you can’t find your comfort setting.

There are many studies and experts that have proven that the Select Comfort mattresses will achieve the most comfortable sleep for everyone. Most of consumers agree that they would recommend it to others.

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