Organizing With Binders, A Kitchen Binder

Confessions Of A Reformed Clutterbug

My kitchen binder is so helpful to me that I’m in the process of splitting it into two separate binders.

Taking my cue from my household management binder, I researched kitchen binders and made notes for how I wanted to set mine up. One of my best tools resulted from all that work ~ My Kitchen Notebook! I love that thing!

I keep a household planner with a calendar, lists, address book and all the trimmings. I also use binders to organize different areas of our lives. After my household notebook, my kitchen binder is my favorite. Let me tell you about it…

My Own Version Of Kitchen Nightmares

It used to be that opening a cabinet in my kitchen was a job for the Corps of Engineers. Too many of this, constantly running out of that. There were canned and boxed goods that were YEARS past their expiration dates.

I had enough junk drawers to supply Inspector Gadget for a lifetime.The problem we had with all my junk drawers? It was dangerous to try to find anything in them. You couldn’t reach in to one of the junk drawers without cutting a finger on all the…junk…in there.

And those ‘science experiments’ in the back of the fridge? Yuck! After dealing with all these problems for years, I’d had enough.

Home Made Kitchen Binder

What’s A Kitchen Binder…and why do I want one?

A kitchen binder is a custom made notebook just for you, your kitchen, your family, your lifestyle and your preferences. The best way to build one is with just a plain old 3 ring binder. Don’t worry, we’ll get into that.

You want a kitchen binder if:

You’re tired of being disorganized in the kitchen.
You don’t know where your coupons are and most of them expire before you can use them.
You have favorite recipes, recipes to try out, and want to add more but the ones you have are everywhere, including the junk drawer.
You can never find your grocery list and/or a pen, especially at the same time.
You buy items again because you don’t remember if you have some or not and you can’t find your grocery list.

I bet you get the idea and can add a bunch more reasons by now?

What Do You Put In A Kitchen Binder?

The great thing about making your own kitchen binder is that the contents of your Kitchen Binder are totally up to you. Here are some suggestions for what to keep in yours based on what I keep in mine:

Meal planner forms (you can use fancy pre-printed forms available on the internet or office supply stores, or just make a plain old list of meals for the week)
Grocery lists (pre-printed or plain paper; I use an Excel spreadsheet that I just print out)
Once A Month cooking recipes & ideas (when I was working I liked to cook meals ahead to save time during the week)
Information and reference sheets like substitutions, measurements, storage time limits, etc.
Price comparison book (pages); I shop at Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, dollar stores, Sun Harvest and my local grocery store. I compare the prices at these stores, which are the places I shop with coupons most often. Then I can plan ahead when to stop at which store to take advantage of sales and prices.
Favorite Homemade recipes; homemade bisquick, shake-n-bake, hot chocolate, cake mix, crackers, pancake syrup, etc.
Favorite Homemade household recipes; beauty, cleaning, gardening, laundry, pet, etc. Lots of natural homemade cleaners, bug treatments and such are made with stuff from the kitchen, so I keep my ‘recipes’ in my kitchen notebook.
Favorite recipes & family recipes, naturally.
Restaurant menus, take-out menus and delivery menus.

Take Out Menus In A Binder

Supplies You’ll Need To Set Up Your Organizing Notebook

Let’s start by making a list of supplies that are handy for making your kitchen binder.

Binder (or other notebook) of the size desired; I use a 3 ring, 2 inch capacity binder and I still had to split the book into two.
Hole Punch for your pages if you’re not using sheet protectors. I would recommend using the sheet protectors though.
Sheet Protectors; I recommend these to protect your pages from stains in the kitchen!
Legal pad, steno pad or other paper for jotting notes on, especially during the time you’re setting it up. Or, just some plain lined 3 hole paper in the front of the binder.
Pen, pencil, markers, stickers; your preference
A pencil pouch; OR a clear zip close pouch that has the holes for the binder. I happened to have one of these already. You can find them at the office supply if you’d rather have one of these. They’re usually pretty cheap.
A coupon pouch; I keep mine here so I can plan my meals & make my grocery lists.
Paper. You can use any kind of paper you want. Swipe some of your kids’ school paper; use colored paper to print the final versions…it’s all up to you. Have fun with it.

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