Home Improvement – Tips to Clean Your House

When you look around your house, do you automatically experience a head ache? Will there be a party tonight? Are you running out of time? Then you definitely need to start the ball rolling and clean your house lest a tornado might be intimidated by the chaos. If only cleaning is as easy as saying it then everybody will be living in a clean and shining house. Unfortunately, reality stinks or maybe thats just your bathroom.

You see its never easy to organize and plan an attack against all the germs in your house but implementing it is much more difficult. Fortunately, there is always ways so read on and get organized!


– Along with the dishwashing detergent add 2-4 tablespoons of vinegar to remove the grease in the utensil. If you want to get rid of hard-water and lime that is stuck in your tea pot just add two cups of vinegar and bring it to boil. Apply the same principle to coffee makers, casserole, and other metal containers.

– You need a lot of sponge when you clean the counter, the sink and everything else therefore accumulating more and more bacteria in your smelly sponge. To disinfect, wash it thoroughly and put it in a microwave for a few minutes to kill the bacteria. Let cool and wash it thoroughly again.


– Take out and wash shower curtains, mats and the like with 3 cups of vinegar and detergent soap.

– Scrub the floor, walls, bath tub using a foamy scrub. Do the same to the toilet seat (but use another scrub). Pour some baking powder (or lemon juice) and leave on for a few minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with a clean and dry cloth.


– You need to clean your carpet by vacuuming it and removing the stains using a stain remover ideal for that certain material or you can also have it dry cleaned.

– In washing jalousies, glass windows and glass sliding doors use a crumpled newspaper dipped in water and vinegar solution to wash and disinfect. Dry with a newspaper or dry cloth. For wooden furniture use wood wax to clean them while retaining their shine.

There are a lot of other ways to clean the house. But do remember to take turns and schedule who will clean the house but if youre so busy hire someone who will clean at least once or twice a month.

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