Forever my sister, Always my Friend.

wo sisters, plus five

Growing up, I have had the privilege of many wonderful memories through the years, growing up in a large family is like that. My siblings include six sisters and two brothers. There have been many conflicts, and yet many good times to cherish. Since I am a positive thinker, I choose this route.

I am the seventh child of a total of nine children, my sister Tina, is next to me in age being three years younger than myself. She is in the black and white photo above sitting on our mother’s lap and I am the one standing next to her, with folded arms in front of me. We always have had this awesome relationship. As children we could talk about anything under the sun. No matter where we were, or what we have done, she always looked up to me and always accepted my advice. Fast forward to this stage in our lives, and we complete each other. We have wonderful conversations and we both have much to bring to the table.

From Tradegy to Terriffic

My sister Tina is the mother of two special young men with challenging disabilities. As early teens, they lost their father to cancer, and you can imagine the heartache that comes when you need your father the most. Some years later, she met a wonderful man in upstate New York, the place where we were all born and raised. He is definitely a keeper. He has been her “Sunshine on many rainy days.” He adopted her boys as his own, and helped them work through their pain. They are happily married, as you can see in the photo and currently living in Florida.


Is the word I use for her talents. She has many with crocheting being her passion. Her main focus is on infant and toddler designs, but she can create anything she puts her mind to. Currently she is working on an adult dress. On our new created website she titled it:TWO SISTERS DEN, you will find many of her works of art. Please find our ink below to the website.

She also enjoys cooking and baking as much as I do, as well as the rest of my sisters. We are from a family of bakers. You will find one of her recipes on my hub on my section of the page, just under hers. It is called Tina’s tasty peanut-butter cookies. Please try it, they are really awesome. I also feature many of my recipes as well as articles about “family, shelling in Florida, birding, health Information and more.” I also feature a short story about the loss of a child, from a Mothers point of view. It is a quick read as there are seven short chapter’s total.

Getting slack when you come from a large family, how would you respond?

Coming from a large family people will say the darndest things. Here is a list of some rude comments and how my mother answered them or how I would have answered them.

(Q.) My parents have been asked several times, “Are they all yours? (A.) Well I’m not the Nanny. Or gosh, I know…if their father hadn’t been so good looking, we wouldn’t have this problem.
(Q.) Many will say, your parents haven’t lost their mind yet? (A.) My mother would reply by telling us “You kids are making my hair turn gray.” To her passing, she did not have gray hair. She had a beautiful full head of jet black hair.
Amazing, you have your hands full. I would answer, Better full than empty!
Wow, your family can fill a pew. A pew? We fill the church!
At church Mom was rewarded on Mother’s day,as having the most children! Go figure.
Getting ready for school in the morning, you were never alone. You would have 4 of us girls in the bathroom at the same time. My (2) brothers were always in a fight to get in the bathroom.
(Q) What do you say about the family who has only one child? (A) Well, I guess he’s not putting out.
Wow, you must be a Catholic Family.
My mother would say, “Stop being so noisy” I can’t hear myself think!
(Q) Gee “Do all your children have the same father?” (A) If my children did have a bunch of father’s, why would that be your business, Stay in your Lane!!
(Q) Were all your children planned? (A) “Well, it’s not like I can send back the UNPLANNED ones.”

Favorite Family Quotes…

I think togetherness is a very Important Ingredient to Family life. ~Barbara Bush~

Sisters are the most competitive relationships within the family, but as the sisters are grown, it becomes the Strongest Relationship. ~Margaret Mead~

The Greatest of these is Love.

Having a loving family is very important to me. Not a day goes by as I awake, that I do not stop to Thank God for another beautiful day that he has given to me, and how Blessed to have my family by my side. They are my life and my strength.

My prayer for you is that you will find complete Love and fulfilled Happiness!


Love is patient, Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking,and it is not easily angered. It keeps NO record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It Always Protects, Always Trusts, Always Hopes,and Always Perseveres. Love never fails.

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