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How to Make a Camouflage Window Treatment

Do-it-Yourself Camo Window Valance/Shelf

Perfect for that rustic/country feel or maybe for that sportsmen in your life.

My entire home besides our kids rooms are all styled with comfort and cozy in mind. I find the rustic country feel fits my family perfectly, were a simple laid back family with a love for hunting. I find myself imagining and thinking of ways to create personal pieces of decor to incorporate threw out our house that really represent us as a family.

A big part of our family is hunting, so my living room has been designated as the hunting lodge. Its actually pretty easy to decorate a rustic hunting lodge theme, with natures rustic logs, pine cones, antlers, animals, and a little imagination its coming together quite well.

With all that in mind I needed to come up with something for my big bay window that would match. My motto is, if I can make it myself and make it look just as good, why not. I began racking my brain for ideas when it hit me, camouflage. I hadn’t incorporated it in any room yet and to be honest I see the love of my life in camo everyday.

I then thought about building a window valance that could double as a shelf for showcasing whitetail deer antlers. I decided it could be done, I bought the supplies I needed and began making the wooden part first, then covered it in a camo pattern fabric. It turned out great. I couldn’t be more pleased with it and I get compliments all the time.

Down below I’ve listed everything you need to know about making a DIY Camo Window Valance, where to find the supplies needed, along with other helpful DIY decorating links.


1. Measure the desired valance height and length marking you center, for correct width on both sides of window

2. Using a stud finder, locate and attach the 2×4 cut to desired length to the wall using 3-1/2″ decking screws. Remembering to place screws in every stud in the desired wall for the best stability/support

3. Wearing protective eye gear and gloves, cut both 1×8 boards to desired length remembering to save the scrap pieces of the boards for the sides of the valance

4. Cut two 6-1/2″ x 7-1/4″ pieces of wood out of the 1×8 scrap pieces, these are the sides of your valance

5. Temporarily attach the wood pieces together, make a guide mark where each screw will be placed, separate once your holes are marked and pre drill them using a 1/8″ drill bit

6. Attach all wood pieces together using 2″ decking screws

7. Upholster the wooden valance with camo fabric, folding,pleating,and stapling where needed, on the underside and on top of the valance so you can’t see the staples

8. Attach the valance to the wall with the help of a friend using 2″ decking screws

Time required: 4Hrs

Difficulty: easy

Cost: $90.00


1- 2 x 4 x 12
2 -1 x 8 x 16
1bx – 3-1/2″ Decking Screws
1bx – 2″ Decking Screws
1bx -1/2″ Staples
1 – 1/8″ Drill Bit
4 Yards – Camouflage Fabric


Cordless Drill
Hand or Power Saw
Heavy Duty Stapler
Stud Finder
Tape Measure
Protective Gloves
Protective Goggles


Simple, Helpful and Easier

These are tips to make it easier for you to build this DIY Camo Window Valance.

1: You need help hanging it, ours is heavy

2: The top can be used as a shelf

3: You can use hot glue to attach the fabric to the wood instead of staples

4: To find the center when hanging something divide the length in half

5: You can always pick a different fabric other than camo, your making it to fit you and your family style

I hope these tips with the how-to above will help your process of making one easy.

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