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Golden Vantage 30″ Range Hood – Review & Installation

Why is the Golden Vantage 30″ Range Hood Popular?

There’s no doubt that the Golden Vantage 30″ Range Hood is the most popular range hood manufactured by this specific brand. However, there are plenty of other options for you to pick from. Then why in the world would you want to pick one that’s this pricey when compared to the alternatives?

To begin with, you should know that this range hood is designed with a contemporary look and feel to it thereby enhancing the aesthetic qualities of your kitchen. It comes along with two powerful motors and they do their job well. It’s meant for home use and not commercial establishments, so if you’re looking for a commercial range hood you need to look elsewhere.

Since it has the capabilities of operating at 4 different speeds you’d be bringing home a power saver with an inbuilt gas sensor. Moreover, for extra lighting over your cooking range, the hood can be equipped with halogen bulbs – each of 35 Watts.

Installation – Medium Difficulty

Even though this unit comes along with an installation guide (As do most Range Hoods), some of the customers have stated that the guide as a whole is rather sketchy and vague. However, you have nothing to worry about as the installation of this range hood is pretty similar to any other Under Cabinet Range Hood.

There are loads of videos and other Installation guides that you could check out in addition to the one already in the packaging.

Under Cabinet Range Hood Installation

As already mentioned the specific installation guide is a bit vague and hence the links and video above would help you out a lot. But, to be honest, the technical aspects aren’t going to bother you much.

The actual problem is its weight! This Golden Vantage 30″ Range Hood weighs in at a whopping 62 pounds (That’s heavy for a Under Cabinet Range Hood). Therefore, you’re not going to be able to do the job alone, you’re going to need an assistant to help hold it up whilst you fasten the bolts.

Also provided is a template using which you would be able to locate the position of the bolts so as to mount the screws right which is another plus point about this range hood – You have nothing to worry about regarding Math.

The Final Say

This Golden Vantage 30″ Range Hood is one of the most sought after Under Cabinet Range Hoods that you’ll come across online. Moreover, a majority of the reviews that you find are all rated 4 stars and above.

Also, you have the option to pay around $40 or so and get an additional 3 year warranty which shows that the company is confident that the range hood is going to last. There are other brands that don’t offer a warranty of more than a year even if you’re willing to pay for it, because longevity is something that they’re not sure about. Golden Vantage range hoods have a good reputation in that sense.

Of course it’s not a small investment and therefore it would be advisable to check out other reviews on this model and maybe you should also visit a professional Range Hood Review site such as Kitease for other options and thorough reviews as well as to compare products.

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