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Frank Fontana: Dirty Little Secrets of Design: Fabulous Home Decor

How to decorate your home with style – on a budget

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m permanently on a budget … but DIY? Design and decor, I love. But cordless drills? What are they? Himself is even worse – when the handle fell off our oven door, it was me who had to fix it. (With a kitchen knife, of course. There’s not a screwdriver to be found in our tiny apartment).

Fabulous design. Easy projects

Yes, Frank Fontana demonstrates projects that even I can do. I’m inspired by this book. Straight from HGTV, Frank is now in my sitting room (see the photographs below) and together, we’re going to work wonders.

A complete manual of home design

This is not a book of I-could-never-afford-that photographs. And it doesn’t ask me to buy complex materials and equipment to beautify my home. Nevertheless, it’s a complete manual, from tiny tips to major improvements.

Have you watched those home makeover shows?

I’m sure you have and I’ll bet you had the same thought as me – ‘oh,I’d love someone to do that for my space’. Now there’s no need. Armed with the book, you’re a makeover specialist too.

  • About an inexpensive and beautiful alternative to area rugs
  • Which is the hardest space in a home to work with (unless you have Frank to help, of course)
  • How to transform outdoor spaces
  • Secrets from the TV show
  • What is the elephant in the room?
  • How to save energy and use green products
  • To develop your own style

You’ll thank me over and over again for introducing you to this book.

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