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3 Ideas For the Bathroom of Your Home

Maybe this room is not too big for home design in general but the bathroom can also be a means to refresh ourselves from our busy lives. So, there is nothing wrong if this small room is equipped with pampering features and charming decoration that displays natural elements so that the desired freshness can be realized in it.

Typically, decorative decoration in the bathroom only struggles with the selection of tiles with various shades. But if the choice is considered too monotonous, then you need a different touch. To expect natural freshness, it means you need to immerse natural elements too, wood and rock for example.

Try to look at some stone and wood element applications in the bathroom in the following example. Just let me know if you get inspiration from it.

1. Luxury Modern Bathroom

Luxury Modern Bathrooms For Master Bathroom Design And Large within 12 Luxury Modern Bathrooms, Most of the Nicest and Gorgeous – DIYHous

The bathroom design recommendations are the first nuances of tropical size. Its features are complete, ranging from the face washing area, shower area in the shower cubicle, as well as a luxurious tub, to pamper yourself.

The interior is dominated by rock elements, both on the floor and the walls. It’s just that touch of wood appears attached to the partition divider shower area, next to the glass door. Also seen also in the installation of a cabinet in a dry area, a base for the sink to wash your face and brush your teeth.

This combination of elements provides a clear boundary of each area in the bathroom. It is impossible for users to confuse which areas are most appropriate for their activities.

2. Dominant Natural Elements

Still with tropical-style interior design, in a tropical design house as well. The interior color pattern is quite attractive, featuring a composition of red bricks and wood elements with a final touch of red cherry. Comprehensive synchronization of two different natural elements.

While the bathroom wall knick-knacks and sticking out with a choice of white shades. Light up between the expanse of the natural texture of wood and brick. Although the dimensions of the bathroom are quite limited, it does not look cramped. Because the maximum lighting appears from various sides, both from lighting lamps and sunlight that glides between the ventilation holes. This brilliant idea from an interior architect needs a thumbs up.

3. Natural and Minimalist

The minimalist bathroom only offers essential features. The proof is looking at the design of this one personal space. There is only one main piece of furniture, the bathtub as a means of refreshing yourself. The choice of colors and sizes is really precise, continuous with the style of white tiles that become the ground floor as well as the path to step on it.

Rock elements appear on both sides of the wall. Limiting this bathroom with a strict partition that has a contrasting pattern. The dark that still retains its original rock texture. While right at the end of the room there are wooden panels arranged vertically. Also on the bathroom roof arranged horizontally. In between the wooden blocks deliberately given a distance. So that the lights and natural light can enter and illuminate the room to the maximum.

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