Our Body’s pH Defence System, Acidosis, and Cancer

Our body is a complicated organism that is really hard to understand the way it works. There are many different diseases and conditions which could trigger the system to weaken, including the most dreaded illness, Cancer. A lot of people don’t understand why acid is important in the body, and how having too much acid in the body could potentially cause some serious problems. A condition that is also known as acidosis, pH levels stay unbalanced, and its the effects are concerning.

A balanced acid alkaline diet can help maintain a normal pH level in our blood, however most of the time the body gets overwhelmed with acid, normally because of poor diet. If too much acid enters the blood stream, the body can’t handle the excess, and so it deposits it into another area of the body so that the blood can maintain the perfect pH level. If this continues, further problems will begin to occur since the areas where the acid is deposited transforms into dead cells, which will then turn to more acids.

However, some cells won’t change and can just survive by turning into abnormal cells. The abnormal cells are regarded as malignant cells, which will grow without order as the body is not sure how to handle them. These malignant cells are cancer. Cancer likewise increases the acid in the blood, boosting the acidosis and causing more danger to the body. The cycle will continue right until the cancer is detected and treatment is started, but most of the time, those people who are diagnosed with cancer still do not realize just how essential it is to maintain the acid level in their body well balanced, and so their bodies end up more and more frail. That is why it’s very important to know how acid interacts with your body, and how you could help to balance the pH level of your body to be able to prevent having a maelstrom of problems inside of your body.

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