Medical Tourism 

Medical Tourism: The GME Difference

The best way to make these important decisions is to find a qualified, caring medical tourism facilitator that will guide you through the process. They can make arrangements for your travel, schedule your surgery, and even facilitate a vacation in the destination country for your and those accompanying you. Clearly, you want to find a company that has a primary focus on the medical, rather than the travel. Be leery of travel agencies, turned medical tourism companies, as they are not specifically trained to handle patients, and with a lack of expertise in the medical field, they may not be properly qualified to make decisions regarding your health and safety.

Companies like Global Medical Excellence specialize in facilitating surgical procedures in India, one of the most highly reputable medical tourism destination countries of choice. Global Medical Excellence (GME) is under the management of several medical professionals, and emphasizes their concerns on the safety and satisfaction of each patient. Not only do they assist you in choosing the right country, but they also have contracts with U.S. Board Certified surgeons who will make the trip to your country of choice and do your surgery there, for much less than they would charge in the U.S. GME will also assign a care manager to each patient to ensure a smooth trip to and from the destination country, and to be a person of contact throughout your stay.

GME will also coordinate with its travel division, FlyGTE to plan your entire trip to include a vacation, should you wish to enjoy the marvels of another country. Travel specialists will assist you in planning your vacation, and even discuss this with your surgeon to assess all safety precautions you should take to ensure your health and safety while traveling.

You will undoubtedly need to address your questions to professionals in the medical tourism field before traveling to an unfamiliar destination country to receive a surgical operation. Knowing your options and feeling comfortable with a highly qualified surgeon will make your experience with medical tourism much easier and more enjoyable.

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