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Medical Tourism: Not Such a Foreign Idea Anymore

A few years ago the thought of traveling abroad for medical treatment might have seemed farfetched, however today it is becoming increasingly common for people to travel to foreign destinations for medical treatment. The reasons for medical tourism are varied, and can include cost savings, access to latest treatments and access to some of the most experienced doctors in the world. While the reasons for exploring medical tourism might differ, the recent explosion in interest is mostly due to the globalization of healthcare through better communication, technology, and quality guidelines.

Globalized Communications Leads to a Smaller World

In an age where everyone is becoming increasingly connected through cell phones, text messages, email and video chat, patients alike can electronically send medical records across the globe and even consult a doctor anywhere in the world through video chat.

Now that easier than ever before to keep in communication with people across the globe, the traditional barriers to globalized healthcare and medical tourism have been removed, and with huge price savings to be had, many are seriously considering their international options for medical treatment. In fact, Deloitte estimates that last year over 600,000 Americans traveled abroad to receive care, and estimates that this number will jump to around 800,000 by the end of 2010.

Quality Hospitals

Many foreign hospitals have rooms that look more like 5-star hotel accommodations rather than the typical hospital room found in the U.S. And with the availability of many industry standard accreditations, such as the Joint Commission International, it is becoming increasingly easy to examine and compare the quality of international medical facilities.

World Class Doctors

Many patients, who are now medical tourism success stories, having received world class care as well as huge cost savings, admit that they were initially hesitant about the idea of traveling abroad and receiving care from a foreign doctor. However, after careful examination of foreign doctors’ credentials, they discovered a wealth of excellent, highly qualified great doctors. Additionally, in a new twist of medical tourism, Global Medical Excellence is now offering an option where a U.S. patient can travel to a foreign hospital, where his procedure will be performed by a U.S. Doctor. While this option may be more expensive than utilizing a foreign doctor, it is one more available option, and the extra money spent is worth the peace of mind for some.


While the impressive selection of hospitals and doctors is certainly attracting many to medical tourism, the savings are also very persuasive. Some price comparisons include open heart surgery $100k in the U.S. compared to only $7k in India. A knee replacement procedure runs about $50k in the U.S. vs. about 7k in India.

These savings certainly play a big role in the decision for many, especially since they do not have to sacrifice quality to reap the benefits of these cost savings.

Global Medical Excellence LLC

Based out of Anaheim, California, Global Medical Excellence is dedicated to providing patients with flexible international treatment options. In fact Global Medical Excellence has become in industry pioneer by offering three unique medical tourism options to patients.

1. Patients may travel to a foreign destination and receive treatment from a foreign hospital based doctor.

2. Patients may travel abroad and receive treatment from a visiting U.S. doctor in a foreign hospital

3. Patients may enter MEDEX(a virtual exchange) where, after a patient submits their treatment requirements, doctors competitively bid on providing treatment, thus providing the patient with the best value.

It should also be noted that all procedures are to be done in a JCI Accredited Facility. JCI is world renowned as the “Gold Standard,” for hospital accreditation.

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